Renovate or Rebuild Episode 4 Recap: New Home Delivered With Energy Efficiency at the Fore

The Shack transformed with Ecoliv modular home

Most of us are used to meals being delivered but did you know that your new house can be too? This was the reality for homeowners Greg and Suzanne in this week’s episode of Renovate or Rebuild. After last week’s decision to rebuild rather than renovate, plans and construction went full steam ahead. With energy efficiency being one on the list of their must-haves, Greg and Suzanne were delivered a new home that ticked all the boxes.

Why are energy-efficient homes so important?

The Australian national building standards changed in 2022 with an increase from 6 to 7 stars being the standard for all new homes. This change not only necessitates the need for energy-efficient products but also addresses the needs of individuals and families across Australia. 

Energy efficient home with EV
Energy-efficient home with EV

Electricity and gas prices continue to rise and more and more Aussies are looking for ways to save money. Building or renovating your home gives you a unique opportunity to invest in energy-saving and efficient products now to save thousands in the future. Greg and Suzanne’s new home came packed with features and products that will save them money whilst reducing their carbon footprint. Ultimately, leaving a minimal footprint on our environment should be something we all strive for. Saving money in the process is definitely a bonus!

Demolishing the old to make way for the new

It was finally time to say goodbye to the shack and it was demolished sustainably. The tin and other metals were removed for recycling. All the hardwood was delivered to a local furniture-making business to take on a new life. The remaining materials were taken to the tip where it was sorted for recycling. The demolition wasn’t without its challenges, with the excavator becoming bogged for a time in the slush!

Sustainable wood for inside and outside the home

Jesse took a trip to Glen Iris in Melbourne to have a look at a house decked out with sustainable wood. Inside and outside the house featured different woods and styles by Australia Sustainable Hardwoods (ASH). The outdoor and indoor cladding, ceilings and floorboards, were all sourced from well-managed regrowth forests and manufactured in Australia. 

Heating and filtering the home with Fanco

Fanco’s exhausts were chosen for the home for their low noise and ability to seal from the outside air when not in use. A unique product on show by Universal Fans was the Fanco heat recovery unit which not only filters the air throughout the home but extracts the heat in the process. This not only leaves the home with fresh dust and pollen-free air but utilises the heat generated by the home to heat zones in the home. 

Ecoliv modular home constructed in The Gurdies
Ecoliv modular home constructed in The Gurdies

Energy-efficient homes and bidirectional charging

Roshan drove Jesse around in style in a Jaguar I-PACE provided by Melbourne City Jaguar. You can read Roshan’s review of the I-PACE here.

New homes and renovations should be thinking about the products they use to really minimise their energy usage. One benefit of this is the role that solar panels and electric vehicles play in the home. Reducing your home’s daily energy usage will mean more solar-generated electricity can be used to power your EV. With bidirectional charging in the near future, you can plug your EV into your home and use its battery to power your home for up to 3 days! 

Solar, battery storage, and EV charger installation by Bluegum Electrical Solutions
Solar, Battery storage, and EV charger installation by Bluegum Electrical Solutions

Another benefit of electrification of the home is the control you’ll have over it. You’ll be able to pre-heat or cool your home from your smartphone using power from the sun. The way you use your home’s appliances and devices will shift as you take control with your fingertips. Your home can have automation that controls your lights, blinds, kettle – anything you can imagine!

The Ecoliv modular home

Greg and Suzanne chose an all-electric home with a solar package. The energy efficiency of the home brought the house to a 7.1 star energy-efficiency rating.

Constructed in The Gurdies on the Bass Coast, the Ecoliv modular home was delivered in three parts. All three modules arrived at the same time and the challenge to manoeuvre them down Greg and Suzanne’s narrow street and onto their narrow block was no small task! With the expertise of the team at Ecoliv, all three parts were delivered and placed expertly on the stumps.

Planning to delivery was a total of 12 months, which is extraordinary in the world of construction. Thanks to the modular and off-site construction, the home was built efficiently and professionally. It arrived 90% complete with only the carport, connecting walkway, and landscaping remaining. The project not only came into their adjusted budget of $880,000 but was delivered a whole week early!

A modular house that became a home

Greg and Suzanne were over the moon with the result. Each room was finished to perfection. Thanks to the various energy-efficient products and building methods, daytime indoor temperatures sit around 24℃ and hover around 17-18℃ at night. The home is sound and element-proof thanks to products from Bondor and Ultimate Windows. The dark roof and cladding absorb heat during the day which is a welcome feature for cooler areas across Australia’s south.

Ecoliv home being constructed
Ecoliv home being constructed

The episode finished with a glimpse at the food ‘prepared’ by Jesse for Mel and their daughter. As Mel won the renovate or rebuild challenge, her prize was meals cooked by Jesse for the family. Unbeknownst to Mel, Jesse took a leaf out of the modular home book and decided to go with delivery for the food!

Tune into next week’s episode of Renovate or Rebuild where we zip over to Queensland where The Block favourites, Andy and Deb, help homeowners Julian and Angela decide whether they want to renovate or rebuild! 

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