Should I Install Solar Panels on My Home in Winter or Summer?

Considering when to install your solar panels? Are the warmer or cooler months better? There's many factors to consider and this blog will help you to decide!
Should I install solar in winter or summer

Autumn is well and truly here in Australia, and it’s ushering in the cooler months. If you’re considering installing solar, you may be wondering whether you should install them now or when the warmer months return. Let’s take a look at the ideal time to install solar in Australia.

The best time to install solar in Australia

While there are no hard and fast rules for installing solar, there are some important things to consider. The timing of your solar installation should not just factor in the sun but the cost of doing so. 

Here are some things to consider:

  • The end of the financial year: June beckons the end of the financial year for most Australian businesses, and the solar industry is no different. With excess stock and books to balance, many solar companies will offer deals to entice new customers before July 1. Waiting until May or June to install can be financially beneficial.
  • Rebates and incentives: States that offer rebates and incentives often end their offers on June 30. This coincides with the end of the financial year. Waiting until after June may see the reduction or removal of a rebate or incentive, which will likely increase the investment in your solar system.
  • The climate: Installing solar in the cooler months may mean that you don’t see a high return on investment immediately due to reduced sunlight and shorter sunlight hours. The cooler months can also mean poorer weather so you may experience delays in the installation of the solar system.
  • Holidays and industry closures: Many solar retailers close their doors for a few weeks to even a whole month over Christmas and New Year’s. This often means that installation dates are completely booked out for the month leading up to Christmas. You may be in luck during the months of January and February as these are often quieter months for the industry.

Will my solar system work better in Summer?

Every year, your solar panels will see periods of greater solar production compared to others. Southern states usually see greater changes, with winter usually being the season with the lowest sunlight. If you install your solar panels during the warmer months, you will naturally see more solar being generated by your system. However, come wintertime, you will see reduced production. This is the natural cycle of solar panels. If you are looking to save as much money as you can as soon as possible then installing around August and September will be your best bet. Keep in mind that solar panels have an optimal operating temperature, so when the temperature soars past 25°C, they will generate slightly less. Super hot days do not equal super solar generation. 


The best time to install solar is always ‘now’, but we recommend seeking multiple solar quotes and scoping out the best deal. Consider the financial implications of waiting longer and weigh up the pros and cons of winter vs summer. 

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