Solar Entirely Powers Outback Town In South Australia

In a world where renewable energy is becoming increasingly important, William Creek in South Australia is leading the way with its solar power project. The town is entirely powered by solar energy, making it one of the few places on the planet to be fully powered by renewable energy.

The smallest town in Outback South Australia is William Creek, located on the grounds of Anna Creek Station, the biggest cattle station in the country. The population is 50, but overnight visitors and special occasions can increase that number to twenty-six thousand travellers or tourists each year according to 7News.

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A fantastic project

Head of Commercial Sales Horan & Bird, and Juice Capital Dan Howard said, “William Creek is one of the most remote communities in Australia.” 

“There is over 300 kilometres of dirt road to get there.”

“The town’s previous diesel-generated power was priced at approximately $1.20 per kWh. Now the town purchases its electricity for $0.287 per kWh.”

My Energy: Developed and designed in collaboration with Adelaide-based My Energy: Developed and designed in collaboration with Adelaide-based

Public solar phone booth at William Creek Public solar phone booth at William Creek


The town has become entirely powered by solar energy, thanks to a 200 kW photovoltaic (PV) array connected to a battery energy storage system last year installed by My Energy. The switch to solar power has been a massive boon to the town, reducing costs and improving the local environment.

Implementing the solar PV system has been a significant project for William Creek. The 330 modules were installed on a large tract of land, and the panels generated enough energy to power the entire town. Excess electricity is stored in batteries, which can be used during low sunlight.

The battery energy storage system is crucial to the project’s success, as it ensures that the town has a reliable energy source even when the sun isn’t shining.

According to Trevor Wright, William Creek’s Tourism Operator, “It’s a no-brainer I think it really pretty much the only solar power town in South Australia”

“A lot of stations are definitely coming on board, I think with the price of oil merits going on the last few years everyone knows when the drawing vehicle is becoming a real issue.”

William Creek

William Creek is located in Stuart and the federal electoral District of Grey. It is administered by the Outback Communities Authority and is situated outside council areas.

William Creek is the entry point from Coober Pedy to Lake Eyre in the Tirari Desert. William Creek offers the only petrol station between Marree, Coober Pedy and Oodnadatta on the Oodnadatta Track and has a campground, two motels and one of the world’s most remote pubs. The world’s largest cattle station is located in nearby Anna Creek Station and the Woomera Prohibited Area, is also nearby.

William_Creek_Pub William Creek is a good halfway stop along the track, with accommodation and meals at the hotel and a well-maintained, if somewhat dusty campground.

Switch to solar power drastically reduced energy costs

The switch to solar power has had a massive impact on the town. William Creek is located in a remote part of South Australia, so it has historically been challenging and expensive to provide energy to the town.

With the implementation of the solar farm power project, the town now has access to reliable, clean, and affordable energy. 

The project has been a massive success, with the town experiencing significant benefits from implementing the solar power project. The town’s energy costs have been drastically reduced.

The success of the project has had a significant impact on the environment, the town’s economy, and Australia’s renewable energy industry. The project is a model for other communities worldwide looking to transition to renewable energy.

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