Victorian Energy Compare, Launches Program to Help Households Access Power Saving Bonus

Victorian Energy Compare, Power Saving Bonus Victoria

The Victoria State Government has launched a new round of the $250 Power Saving Bonus program, which is designed to help ease cost-of-living pressures for Victorian households. In this article, we will delve into the details of the program, highlighting its benefits, eligibility criteria, and how to access the power saving bonus.

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Eligibility for the Power Saving Bonus in Victoria

On 26 February 2023, the Premier announced that there would be an additional round of $250 that is available to all Victorian households. To be eligible, households must have a recent residential electricity bill and must be the account holder.

  • You must be a residential energy consumer (i.e. have a residential electricity account)
  • You must be the account holder
  • Only one payment is available per household

The Power Saving Bonus Program is available from 24 March 2023 to 31 August 2023. The Victorian Government has partnered with various organisations that specialised in supporting the Victorian community to help Victorians get the $250 Power Saving Bonus. Participating community organisations offer targeted and personalised assistance to eligible households in applying for the $250 Bonus.

The Victorian government will offer information on the best cost electricity offers available in your area as part of the Power Saving Bonus application process. You are under no obligation to switch offers or retailers.

$250 Power Saving Bonus Program: Community outreach program available support team

The program offers over-the-phone and in-person support to help households complete their applications. More information on how to obtain this customised assistance is provided below:

Phone support

  • Anglicare Victoria: Call 1800 531 741.
  • Good Shepherd: Call 1300 026 500.
  • The National Debt Helpline – Consumer Action Law Centre: Call 1800 149 689.
  • The Brotherhood of St. Laurence (and partners GV Community Energy and Uniting Vic.Tas): Call (03) 9956 8850 or 1800 830 029.

In-person support

  • Anglicare Victoria: For in-person events call 1800 531 741.
  • Bendigo Community Health Services: For in-person support in the Bendigo area call (03) 5406 1200.
  • Community Information & Support Victoria: Call (03) 9672 2003 to find a participating site near you.
  • Neighbourhood House: You can drop into a local Neighbourhood House centre for more information or call Good Shepherd on 1300 026 500 to find the closest Neighbourhood House that is currently offering support.
  • Ethnic Communities’ Council Victoria: For in-person events, call 0466 038 261.

Here are some of the benefits of the Power Saving Bonus Community Outreach Program

  • It helps households who may not have internet access or who may be experiencing difficulty applying for the bonus online.
  • It provides over-the-phone and in-person support to help households complete their applications.
  • It offers assistance from a number of community outreach partners.
  • It is a one-off payment of $250 that can be used to help pay for energy bills, energy-efficient appliances, or other energy-related costs.

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About Victorian Energy Compare

Victorian Energy Compare is a government-run website that helps Victorian households compare energy plans and find the best deal. The website offers a range of features, including:

Victorian Energy Compare is a valuable resource for Victorian households who are looking to save money on their energy bills. The website is easy to use and provides clear and concise information. To find out more about the program or to apply for the bonus, visit the Victorian Energy Compare website or call 1800 000 832.

Valuable resources that can help you save money on energy bills

Save Energy and Money in Your Business

The Victorian Government is committed to helping Victorian households save money on their energy bills. The Power Saving Bonus Community Outreach Program and Victorian Energy Compare are two valuable resources that can help you save money.

The Victorian Energy Compare program is a significant initiative by the Victorian Government to empower residents in Australia to make informed decisions about their energy usage. By utilising the online platform, individuals can compare various energy plans, leading to potential cost savings and a shift towards renewable energy sources. Furthermore, the availability of the Power Saving Bonus provides financial assistance to eligible households, making energy efficiency more accessible to those facing financial hardship. With its focus on affordability, sustainability, and personalised solutions, Victorian Energy Compare plays a crucial role in helping Victorians reduce their energy costs, contribute to a greener future, and create a more energy-efficient society.

Energy Matters has been a leader in the renewable energy industry since 2005 and has helped over 40,000 Australian households in their journey to energy independence. 

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