GoodWe: High Quality, Future-Proof Solar for Your Home

A common question that we are asked here at Energy Matters is ‘How long will it take until my solar system needs to be upgraded?’. This is a fantastic question, as many people want to ensure that their investment is future-proof. Highlighted in episode 4, season 6 of Open Homes Australia was the incredible technology available through one of the world’s leading solar manufacturers, GoodWe.

Expandable products: Future-proofing your solar investment

Many Aussie families are investing in solar, which is fast becoming a must-have for Australian homes. But too many homeowners are installing systems that are ready to meet their current needs but not taking into account their future demands. As families expand, electric vehicles are added, gas appliances are replaced with electric, and electricity demands go up, your solar system will need to expand with it. For older systems, this usually means a full replacement. For new systems, like those offered by GoodWe, this might mean adding additional panels or an extra stack of batteries.

Benefits of expandable systems

You may have enquired about adding a few extra panels to your existing solar system only to be told that it is cheaper to fully replace it. In many cases, this is the unfortunate truth. Older systems are often not compatible with newer technology, or the system is too old and inefficient for the extra panels to make a difference. Low-wattage older solar panels will often take up a large portion of roof space, leaving little to no room for new panels.

You can sometimes add a whole new system, keeping the old one intact and adding a new one alongside it. But this isn’t always the best option if your old system is on its last legs and could give out any day. Imagine installing a newer, smaller system next to your existing old, small system. Imagine finding that the old one stops working within a year – you’ll be left with one working smaller system.

Often the best solution is to completely remove the old system – panels and the inverter – and replace it with a new, larger one. Not only will you be getting the latest technology, but you’ll also have brand-new warranties for the parts and installation.

Stackable battery storage

GoodWe, a leading solar inverter, battery, and EV charger manufacturer, has produced solar components that are revolutionising the residential market. Featured on the home in episode 4 was the Lynx Home F Series battery. This battery is expandable and stackable, allowing 6.6kWh of storage and up to 16.4kWh! With the 7kW single-phase HCA Series EV Charger, the home is poised to face the future with a minimal carbon footprint and heavily reduced electricity bills. The ability to add storage means that upgrading is not only cheaper but much quicker with ease of installation.

Blackout protection

Ask any homeowner with a battery why they chose to add one to their system, and you’ll likely get the same response. Blackout protection is one of the top reasons why people add a battery and for good reason. Chat with a South Australian who battled through the blackouts of 2016 and you’ll find that many have added batteries since. Blackouts are not only inconvenient but can be hazardous to your health. Blackout events usually occur during the hottest months of the year – making the running of airconditioners impossible.

GoodWe’s stackable batteries offer seamless blackout protection. This means that the battery will kick in the moment the grid cuts out. Your solar panels will continue to charge the battery while the sun shines, so you could potentially run the essentials for weeks if the power cuts out.

Solar inverters outshining the competition

GoodWe also produces the MS Series 5-10kW single-phase inverter with 3 MPPTs. The 3 MPPTs/3 strings (Maximum Power Point Tracking) provide homes with up to 3 different orientations of their panels. This means that you can have one set of panels facing east, another north, and another west (or any combination required). This provides the home with the greatest exposure to the sun. It also minimises the impact of shading.

The MS Series inverter also allows for up to a staggering 200% oversizing for DC input and 110% oversizing for AC output overloading. The 5kW inverter can receive up to 10kW of power – which allows for the use of bifacial panels. Bifacial panels are solar panels that absorb solar radiation from the front AND the back of the panel. This means that solar radiation reflected from behind the panel can be used. This is fantastic for cloudy days. Keep in mind that, to claim STCs, the maximum allowable oversizing in Australia is 133%. Any oversizing above this will see your system ineligible for STCs, which will add a substantial cost to the system.

Energy Matters: Proud to partner with GoodWe

Solar manufacturers come in all shapes and sizes, but few are taking the challenge of climate change head-on like GoodWe. The GoodWe Roadshow truck recently took to the road. It is visiting schools to educate children on the importance of sustainability and renewable energy. The EcoSmart Kids program will be featured at the upcoming Melbourne Home Show on 25-27 August 2023.

GoodWe EcoSmart Kids program presentation

Energy Matters is proud to work alongside the team at GoodWe. We highly recommend their products for residential homes and businesses. With a wide range of solutions for various residential and commercial needs, GoodWe truly is the one-stop shop for your solar needs.

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