Western Australia’s New Museum To Be Solar Powered

The design of the new Western Australian Museum has been unveiled – and solar power is among its features.

Brookfield Multiplex was awarded the contract to design and construct the $428 million project, which will be four times the size of the current museum. The development will include 7,000 square metres of galleries; incorporating a single 1,000sqm area to stage special exhibitions.

Energy efficiency and sustainability has been a major consideration in the design. The new museum will incorporate an innovative energy and thermal solution that combines solar power and water heat-exchange systems.

In addition to energy cost savings, the project will achieve a 30 – 40% carbon emission reduction. The size of the solar power system and how much it will contribute to the complex’s electricity needs isn’t clear.

The State Government says the museum will be an important part of Perth’s cultural precinct and attract visitors from all over the world.

Western Australian Museum

“The concept cannot fail to impress. It is bold and distinctive, from the vast public plaza to spacious galleries that overlook the CBD and link with important heritage buildings,” said Western Australian Premier Colin Barnett.

“West Australians will share in a once in a lifetime opportunity to create a vibrant new cultural home in the heart of Perth, and to change the way people from around the world engage with the State and our unique stories.”

The project will see up to 1,800 construction workers on site and 3,300 jobs created during construction. Early site works will start well before the end of this year, with construction expected to begin in early 2017 and completion due in 2020.

Further information on the new Western Australian Museum can be viewed here.

Households in Perth and throughout Western Australia have embraced solar power for homes, commercial and other buildings in order to rein in electricity costs and slash energy related carbon emissions.

Recent data from Australia’s Clean Energy Regulator indicates more than 205,596 small scale systems (< 100kW) are installed throughout the state.

According to solar provider Energy Matters, a 5.2kW solar panel system installed in Perth can return a financial benefit of up to $1,800 a year; depending on installation scenario and electricity consumption profile.


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