What happens if you lose power? How a $6000 solar battery could save you

Even before the bushfires and recent heavy rain, experts predicted up to 1.3 million homes in Victoria alone would be at risk of power outages this summer. People are increasingly looking for a sense of security and a residential solar battery can deliver it. However, this kind of solution is still heavily misunderstood across Aussie consumers, with the misconception that battery storage is an expensive route to take.

Luckily, Australians looking to reap the benefits of energy storage and better utilisation of their panels can do so through companies now offering more accessible options on the market.

Recent product introductions include DC Power Co’s unique DC Sunny Saver battery package, which has a $5850 (excluding installation) price tag attached. These kind of opportunities are presenting an extremely cost-effective way to access convenient battery solutions, without the hip-pocket strain.

Recognised as a leading supplier, DC Power Co labels itself as a team who are “committed to the home renewables revolution”. Designed to give consumers better value and lower energy bills, the company continues to focus on its vision to put solar energy under the homeowner spotlight.

What do you get in a solar battery package?

The DC Sunny Saver includes the Sungrow 4.8kWh battery, the popular 5kW Sungrow Hybrid Inverter and Emergency Blackout Box. With a full 4.8kWh battery, you can keep a 500L fridge and freezer, a 50 inch TV and 12 LED lights running for up to 10 hours.

The package also has great warranties attached, including:

  • A 10-year manufacturer’s warranty for the battery; and
  • 12 years on the inverter (an extra 7-years warranty on the hybrid inverter compared to the standard 5 years).
  • The price tag also includes free delivery.

These installation solutions are offered through DC Power Co’s partner, Service Stream, starting from $1595. For consumers looking for the cheapest option on the market, this package is one of the best routes to take.

Revolutionising battery pricing

Traditionally, solar installers have sold batteries the same way they do panels – by talking you through your options on the phone and sending someone out to have a look at your house. Typically, on the day of installation, they have to go and pick up your battery from the warehouse and bring it to your home.

Ultimately, this is a costly process. It means you’re not just paying them to install your system, you’re forking out extra to fund the phonecalls, home visits and travel time.

Companies like DC Power Co have identified a modular system that is suitable for most homes in Australia, without the need to charge exorbitant costs. Completing a recent analysis based upon the energy usage patterns of around 1500 of their solar customers, the company was able to better tailor a cost-effective package for the market.

The modular design means that you can get one, two or three batteries as part of the package to easily customise the system to suit your needs. It is also AC-coupled (or DC-coupled), which means it can be installed alongside your existing solar system and doesn’t affect your existing warranties.

These two factors combined mean you don’t need a home visit or bespoke battery system designed by an installer at all. You can purchase your package online and they’ll organise free delivery to your home directly.

Get more information about the DC Sunny Saver here.