Why solar-powered Christmas lights are a safer (and greener) option

After a unique and challenging 2020, the holiday season is right on our doorstep and for many of us, that means Christmas and all of its trimmings. Decorating the family home in strings of lights has become an annual tradition for many but there are many safety steps that are important to follow.

Christmas lights look beautiful, but they can also be an electric and fire hazard and can result in terrible outcomes if they are not put together properly. There’s also plenty of safety precautions to ensure you carry out.

So, as you gear up for this Silly Season, why not consider solar lighting solutions to both cut down on those hefty post-Xmas electricity bills, and to embrace Mother Nature? They offer the same look and appeal as their electrical counterparts, only come with a few bonuses to make them even more worth the while.


Why solar-powered Xmas lights are the better choice

They don’t use cords

Forget about messy extension cords and managing a multitude of electric cables that will need to be secured, protected from the elements and also tucked away so they are not a tripping hazard. Solar-powered LED alternatives come with a long-range battery that gives you lighting for weeks on end, all through a single charge and will make the process safer and less messy.


They save you money

Christmas lights are an enormous burden on the electricity grid and you’ll end up with a little more burden on the hip pocket the next time your energy bill comes along. Solar-powered lights might cost a little bit more to purchase upfront, but they are going to save you money in the long-run, all through repetitive use and greener operations. They are just as durable as their electric counterparts, too; in fact, they are less likely to fail because there are no cords to deal with (we know that’s a headache) and are far easier to store.


Reduced fire risk

With so many extra plugs in sockets and more electricity being drawn down, Christmas lights present a higher fire danger in your home. One failure can lead to a spark that will ignite your property quickly, especially with all of those impressive decorations around your space. Solar options greatly reduce this risk, as they are not plugged into mains power and batteries aren’t likely to spark up.


Backup throughout the year

If you ever have a power outage, you don’t have to worry about disappointing the kids; you can break out the Christmas solar lights as emergency lighting. Okay, it’s creative, but why not? They’re also great for jazzing up your entertainment space when you’re expecting to play host on a special occasion.


There are no emissions

We are moving towards a world with net-zero carbon emissions and that doesn’t mean we will forget about that at Christmas time. Electric lighting drawn from mains power results in enormous volumes of emissions, while their solar counterparts do not. You can have the same result without the harm on the planet, and that’s always a win.