Can I Take My Solar Panels with Me When I Move House?

Are you thinking about moving house? If you have solar panels you may be wondering if you can take them with you and install them on your new roof – after all, you paid good money for them and they’ve been saving you on your energy bills. Why wouldn’t you?

Well, the reality is it is usually not possible for Australian homeowners to take their solar panels with them when they move into a new property. This might seem like a shame but there’s more to it than that. In fact, leaving your panels can be a win-win situation for you and the new owners.

In this article, we will go over the main reasons why you’re better off saying goodbye to your solar system along with your old house.

moving house with solar panels

Far more trouble (and money) than it’s worth

If you think you can just remove your system and plonk it on your new roof without any issues, think again. The Australian Standards for solar system installation are updated on a somewhat regular basis (a new version is set to be released this year).

If your solar system was installed before the most recent update, then it would need to be made compliant with the latest inverter, panel, and installation standards if you were to remove it and re-install it.

What does this mean?

It means that it is going to be a lot more expensive than you probably thought. At the very least, you may be looking at a new inverter and possibly new panels.

Really, the question you should be asking isn’t ‘can you’ take it but rather ‘should you’.

Even if your system is relatively new and relocating it is legal, the cost of removing and reinstalling your existing one really doesn’t make financial sense. Even without federal and state rebates, it will almost certainly be cheaper just to buy a brand new system!

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A win for you and a win for the new owners

You probably didn’t consider this, but leaving the solar panels on the old property could also be a great opportunity for you. If they are still in working condition and have been well maintained throughout their life, then you can add significant value to your current home when it comes time to sell.

In fact, recent studies show that Australians would be willing to pay between $10,000+ more for a house with solar installed. That additional money can then be put towards the purchase of a new system.

Simply put, the benefit of keeping them on your old property outweighs any potential benefits of taking them with you.

So, if you’re thinking about moving, don’t worry too much about what to do with your solar panels – just keep them where they are and let your agent include them as a selling-point for your property.

As for your new home, you will be able to continue saving on your energy bills with a brand new solar system with the option of battery-storage! You can take advantage of solar rebates to help with the upfront cost and reap the rewards shortly after receiving your new house keys.

We are here to ensure that you receive an excellent deal via a trusted local installer – simply submit your request for up to 3, obligation-free solar quotes. It’s fast and free!