Energy Matters Donates Solar To 1 Million Women

Australian solar provider Energy Matters is donating solar power equipment to 1 Million Women.

As much as the company would love to donate solar power systems to one million individuals; the 1 Million Women refers to a collective started in 2009 in Australia that is raising awareness among women about the crucial role they play in addressing climate change and environmental destruction.

“As women we decide about 85% of household purchases,” states the 1 Million Women web site. “If 1 million women all make one better choice, it leads to real change.”

1 Million Women was founded by Natalie Isaacs and has tens of thousands of members. Membership is free and among its many high-profile ambassadors are Noni Hazelhurst, Margaret Fulton and Bindi Irwin.

Members are encouraged to participate in initiatives such as the 1 Tonne Challenge. Participants are provided with the tools and information needed for attaining the very achievable goal of cutting a minimum of 1 tonne of carbon pollution annually through wise purchase choices and other actions.

Energy Matters is donating a fully installed 2kW solar power system for the collective’s Summer Solar Raffle that will help one member achieve that goal more than four times over.

“We are big believers in simple green actions having profound effects when performed in volume,” says Energy Matters CEO Jeremy Rich. “The 1 Million Women project has the potential to effect major positive change and Energy Matters is very proud to be associated with this effort.”

The 2kW solar system will not only slash the lucky winner’s power bill by up to $980 a year, but will also reduce that person’s household’s carbon footprint by around 4.4 tonnes annually; assuming the equivalent power in coal-fired generation as a comparison.

In addition to the solar panels from Energy Matters, solar hot water systems and other green product prizes are on offer. Further details on the Summer Solar Raffle can be viewed here.