Free Solar Power Systems For MASH2

MASH2 - Free solar

Free solar power systems have been supplied by Energy Matters’ parent company, SunEdison Australia, as part of the MASH2 solar community bulk buy initiative in Central Victoria.

The Hub Foundation’s MASH2 program offered high quality solar panel systems provided by SunEdison Australia via a bulk purchasing model that saw participants receiving substantial discounts.

Under arrangements with Hub Foundation, two free systems have also been installed on homes tenanted through Castlemaine’s social and transitional housing scheme. The systems will reduce the tenants’ electricity bills by around $700 a year each.

“These systems have been installed because the target of 100 MASH2 solar PV installations in Mt Alexander Shire was achieved and indeed exceeded,” said Jo Kaptein, Project Officer for the Castlemaine-based not-for-profit organisation.

“Homelessness – and the threat of homelessness – is a real issue for many in our Shire. We are delighted that these tenants will benefit directly from lower power bills as a result of MASH.”

Both recipients are very happy with their solar panel arrays.

“We check the readings on our inverter all the time as we’re so excited to be producing our own power,” said Jane Huggins, one of the recipients.

The free systems were installed by Universal Power & Light, a Castlemaine-based solar installation specialist working under contract to SunEdison Australia on the MASH2 project.

According to Energy Matters, Castlemaine receives solar irradiation levels of around 4.42 kilowatt hours per square metre daily. There are now more than 700 solar PV installations in Castlemaine’s postcode, 3450 – a very impressive tally given the estimated 3,400 homes in the area.

The Hub Foundation’s MASH program has been a huge success. Between the original round and MASH2, 450 solar installations have been achieved so far since September 2014.

Battery-ready systems were installed during the most recent round; enabling the addition of energy storage in the future.

Details of another MASH round may be announced soon.

MASH2 is one of a number of successful buyers group and community bulk buy solar programs SunEdison Australia has been involved with throughout the country.