NSW Government Launches Renewable Energy Map

NSW renewable energy map

The New South Wales Government has taken the wraps off a renewal energy mapping application that it hopes will help generate investment in new projects in the state.

The NSW Renewable Energy Resource Map (basic viewer/advanced viewer) offers free access to data and information relevant to the state’s renewable energy resources. So far, more than 201 sites across New South Wales are highlighted.

“By identifying and promoting our renewable energy resource base, we are giving investors, contractors, market researchers, planners and academics the information they need to scope out opportunities to invest in our state,” said Minister for Industry, Resources and Energy, Anthony Roberts.

The application is apparently the first comprehensive renewable energy resource map covering the entire state, detailing its resources potential and detailing existing infrastructure for solar, wind, geothermal, bioenergy, hydropower and marine resources.

New South Wales renewable energy resources

The Map general info site also provides other snippets of info about renewables in New South Wales.

For example, it states the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) has projected the total installed capacity of solar PV systems in the state will reach 3300 MW for residential installs (< 10 kW capacity) and 2123 MW in the commercial sector (> 10 kW capacity) by 2035.

In relation to battery storage, the AEMO has predicted New South Wales will have the highest integration of rooftop solar + energy storage in Australia in the next two decades.

Also launched by the NSW Government on Wednesday was the GreenPower Connect initiative. The initiative supports investment in new large-scale renewables by enabling large purchasers of renewable energy to directly connect with new cost- effective projects.

“The aim of the GreenPower Connect is to capture a new market that has previously bypassed the Program due to the perceived cost of purchasing very large volumes of renewables through a traditional GreenPower product option,” said Chairperson of the National GreenPower Steering Group, Tim Stock.

The Government seems eager to shake off the perception New South Wales is a renewables backwater. Earlier this year, the Climate Council’s renewable energy scorecard project gave the state “D” due to the state having the lowest percentage of renewable electricity.