Sol-Bright’s Gen.6 ARCS: The Future of Solar Panel Cleaning

Sol-Bright's Gen.6 ARCS-sol bright-solar robotic cleaner

The cleanliness of solar panels is critical in ensuring the maximum power generation of a photovoltaic (PV) power plant. In the past, traditional cleaning methods proved to be inefficient and costly. However, recent technological advancements have brought forth an innovative solution in the form of Automatic Robotic Cleaning Systems, redefining the cleaning landscape for PV power plants. The Sol-Bright Gen.6 Automatic Robotic Cleaning System leads this charge, a remarkable fusion of engineering and technology to optimise power generation.

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Sol-Bright Technology, the world’s largest supplier of automatic robotic cleaning systems (ARCS) for solar panels, has introduced its Gen.6 Robot for utility-scale solar projects. The Gen.6 ARCS features a lightweight design, an aluminium frame, and a curvilinear body to withstand high winds.

The Sol-Bright Gen.6 Automatic Robotic Cleaning System is a cutting-edge solution for cleaning solar panels in PV plants. It offers several advantages over traditional cleaning methods, including:

Technological breakthroughs and multiple innovations

The Gen.6 ARCS features innovative technologies, such as a 0±20° twisting angle that allows it to easily adapt to the deflection angle between solar panels and a gearbox-driven operation that enhances transmission efficiency and reduces mechanical loss. It is also lightweight and features self-charging solar panels, reducing the risk of damage to the modules.

Economic benefits and reduced costs

Automatic Robotic Cleaning Systems reduce EPC maintenance costs due to their efficient autonomous cleaning capabilities. Compared with traditional manual cleaning methods, they can provide continuous cleaning services with only a one-time investment, which reduces operating costs and brings real economic benefits to the power plant.

Cleaning efficiency greatly improved

The Gen.6 ARCS can efficiently cover solar panels at a running speed of 16±2 m/min. In contrast, the brush speed of 130±10 rpm ensures a cleaning efficiency of more than 99.5%, effectively improving the modules’ power generation.

Waterless dry sweeping and intelligent interconnection

The Gen.6 ARCS adopts waterless dry sweeping by brush, which does not require huge water resources and is ideal for arid, desert, and other areas with serious water shortages. Operators can also monitor the running status of the system in real time through the SCADA system and adjust the cleaning plan as needed.

Safe, stable, and reliable

The Gen.6 ARCS is designed to operate safely and reliably in a variety of environments, including extreme temperatures ranging from -40℃ to 70℃ and corrosive and windy conditions. It has a high IP65 protection level and an anti-wind hook that ensures stable operation at wind speeds of 26m/s.

Overall, the Sol-Bright Gen.6 Automatic Robotic Cleaning System is a highly advanced and effective solution for cleaning solar panels in PV plants. It offers a number of advantages over traditional cleaning methods, including improved cleaning efficiency, reduced costs, and enhanced safety and reliability.

Sol-Bright's Gen.6 ARCS-sol bright-solar robotic cleaner
sol bright-solar robotic cleaner

Additional benefits of the Sol-Bright Gen.6 Automatic Robotic Cleaning System:

  • Reduced environmental impact: The Gen.6 ARCS does not require water or chemicals, which reduces its environmental impact.
  • Extended lifespan of solar panels: Regular cleaning with the Gen.6 ARCS can help extend the lifespan of solar panels by removing dirt, dust, and other contaminants that can reduce their efficiency.
  • Improved safety for workers: The Gen.6 ARCS eliminates the need for workers to climb onto rooftops or use other dangerous methods to clean solar panels.

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The Sol-Bright Gen.6 Automatic Robotic Cleaning System represents a technological marvel in the realm of PV power plant maintenance. Its innovative features and proven efficiency offer economic benefits, improved cleaning, water conservation, and reliable operation in various conditions. As Sol-Bright continues to invest in research and development, we can anticipate further advancements in this technology, providing even more comprehensive and efficient solutions for the cleaning of PV power plants in the future.

Source&Images: Sol-Bright Linkedln

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