Your FAQs about solar batteries answered

Solar batteries are the future of energy storage. They can store renewable electricity generated during the day and release it at night when demand is high. This means that your home will be powered by clean, green electricity even after the sun goes down.

Here at Energy Matters, we know that many people have questions, and we have answered some of the most common queries that we receive:

How will a solar battery save me money on my bill?

When the sun is high in the sky during peak periods, and you’re getting optimal efficiency, your panels will power your home, with electricity left over. This is exported to the grid, and you’ll receive credits on your bill. This feed-in tariff is around five cents per unit in Australia.

When you store power during these peak periods, you can then use this at night time when your panels are not producing energy. You are using free electricity instead of paying full price for grid energy, which is around 25 cents per unit.

How many batteries can I add to my home or business? 

The options we provide will easily power your home through the night, every night of the week.

If there is an outage, these batteries can provide around 24 hours of continuous power – which can be rationed out so that you have power for up to seven days. They are designed to only need a single battery for residential premises, although you can sometimes add more batteries for larger homes or commercial premises, depending on the brand.

Can I add a battery to my existing system? 

Yes, you can, although there may be limitations on the type you can retrofit. Whether your existing system is three-phase or single-phase, this will have an impact, as will the size of your inverter.

You will also need to contact your provider before you retrofit a battery. We can take all of the fuss out of this process for you, and find the perfect solution for your home or business.

Do I need a solar system installed? 

No. You can use these to store grid electricity, although it won’t be free like solar energy. This is a way to store energy in case there is an outage, but it is an expensive failsafe.

We can assist you in accessing all of the government rebates and initiatives required to make a solar system and battery package highly affordable – plus, it will pay itself off in no time anyway.

With these systems in place, you’ll never have to worry about blackouts again. You won’t need to rely on fossil fuels or expensive utility bills ever again – just enjoy living with green electricity all year long.

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