You don’t have to wait to go solar in a big way. Make the switch now with Energy Matters and eligible customers can pay zero dollars up-front and save as you go!

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No deposit solar

4 powerful reasons why you should go solar with Energy Matters today:

    • The Federal Government’s Solar Credits Subsidy There’s still up to thousands of dollars in Solar Credits subsidy available for system installations. It’s available to just about everyone, so take advantage of the funding today while you can!
    • Get in front of the Aussie dollar The Australian dollar has dropped in value again recently. Every time the Aussie dollar goes down by 5c, it can increase the cost of your system by more than 10%. Lock in your solar price today and protect yourself against the exchange rate squeeze.
    • Winter energy bills can hurt, but summer air-conditioning is even worse. Catch the summer sun. Did you know more than 75% of annual solar availability occurs between November and April? Installing an Energy Matters 5kW system can save you a bundle just in this period alone.

Start saving with the Energy Matters $0 deposit Save As You Go Solar Plan. Go solar today and you could be eligible to have a system installed with nothing to pay until a month after installation. Plus, the savings from your solar system will support the payments.

Imagine having the best quality solar panels installed on your roof and it costing you nothing up front!

Energy Matters has broken down the up-front payment barrier by providing those eligible with our market leading, no-deposit payment plan!

With a $0 upfront commitment and affordable monthly payments; many Australians can now easily access solar savings and  take control of their electricity bills. This special offer comes with Energy Matters’ performance and installation guarantees.

You always own the system and there is nothing to pay at the conclusion of your agreement. No balloons, no residual amounts, just your final monthly payment and the agreement is finalised.

Go solar – without the headaches

Being passionate about renewable energy, our sales consultants want to ensure you have the best  installed – nothing less. They’ll listen carefully to your needs and recommend the best options for your budget and ways to reduce costs.

We’ll take you through the full installation process; making sure you understand each step and keep it simple and uncomplicated. We want this to be an easy and hassle-free experience for you – you’ll wonder why you never did this sooner.

We welcome any questions you may have – contact us on 133-SUN (133 786) or via our online contact form or use our online quote tool to get started today.

How Save As You Go Solar Works

  • No deposit required, pay nothing up front in most cases
  • Save on your electricity costs
  • Monthly direct debit payments to our third-party financier
  • Energy Matters supplies and installs the system
  • After repayments are made, you’ll enjoy free electricity from the sun.
  • Call us now on 133-SUN (133 786) to register your interest or for further details

The eligibility process is quick and simple. Once you have been approved by the third-party financier, you’ll be ready to start saving!

To be eligible, you must:

  • own your home and have home and contents insurance
  • be 18 years of age or older and a permanent Australian resident
  • be in a current employment contract
  • provide a current electricity bill showing no outstanding payments
  • provide 100 points of ID such as driver’s licence and Medicare numbers
  • NOTE: there may be additional criteria depending on your circumstances

Save As You Go Solar Process

  • We design the right solar solution for your home
  • We assist you to prepare your application for lodging with the third-party financier
  • Once your application has been approved, we install the system
  • Grid connection and any necessary meter changeover takes place
  • You start saving on your electricity costs

Here’s a great opportunity to go solar and pay nothing up front. Call 133 SUN (133 786) for further details, get an instant online solar quote or use the form below and we’ll follow up with you.

Offset your air-conditioning bills!

Summer is upon us and with it, sky high power bills! You don’t have to pay the power companies – create the electricity on your rooftop!

Offset the power consumed by your air conditioner – for example, instead of selecting a standard 2kW solar panel system;  install an extra 1kW of capacity.