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Mitsubishi 100 W Amorphous Silicon (PIN single junction)


The largest and most cost-effective module in the Mitsubishi range is the MA100 encased in an aluminum frame. The MA100 is especially well suited for the grid-connected systems of commercial buildings and industrial facilities. Very high voltage makes it easy to design layouts and cabling configurations with fewer connections for most applications.


The MHI MA series is a cost-effective photovoltaic module installable in any site not subject to mounting space contraints. A thin film photovoltaic module is made from silane gas by depositing thin layers of semiconductor alloys on a glass substrate. It has numerous environmental advantages over normal crystalline photovoltaic modules such as less energy used for manufacturing, less silicon required and shorter energy payback time.


In addition, the thin film photovoltaic modules has a weatherproof structure and performs stably under high temperatures during summer. These features make the MA series an ideal solution for BIPV (building integrated photovoltaics) and grid-connnected power systems for commercial and residential facilities. Mitsubishi's thin film photovoltaic modules also remain stable power outputs over a long period.


Design Features


  • 3-series connection is available by 600V of maximum system voltage
  • MA100T2 is easy to install and connect



  • 20 Year limited Power Output Warranty

Technical Specifications


Model name MA100T2
Nominal power output 100W
Electrical Characteristics
Maximum Power 100W
Maximum Power Voltage 108V
Maximum Power Current 0.93A
Open Circuit Voltage 141V
Short Circuit Current 1.17A
Maximum System Voltage 600V
Mechanical Characteristics
External Dimensions 1414L x 1114W x 35T mm
Module Type Amorphous Silicon (PIN single junction)
Weight Approx. 21 kg
Temperature Coefficients
Maximum Power (W) -0.20%/°C
Maximum Power Voltage (V) -0.32%/°C
Maximum Power Current (A) +0.14%/°C
Open Circuit Voltage (V) -0.33%/°C
Short Circuit current (A) +0.09%/°C

Quality and Safety


  • Certified by TUV Rheinland Product Safety GmbH (IEC61646, Safety Class II)
  • Manufactured in an ISO 9001 certified factory
  • Complied with JISC 8991
  • Test results performed by the 3rd party organization indicate very few variations in power generation in 30 years usage.


  • Model: MA100T2
  • Shipping Weight: 21kg
  • Manufacturer: