I Don’t Want to See My Solar Panels From the Street. Is It Possible to Install Them Out of View?

Solar panels ruining street appeal

A home is not merely a place to sleep and share a meal with the ones you love. For many, a home is also something to take pride in and street appeal is often seen as a priority. We adorn the front of our homes with amazing landscaping and spent thousands on the perfect facade. The installation of solar panels on the roof facing the front of the street may be the last thing you want for your home. Let’s look at the options available for homes where solar panels facing the street is not an option.

The placement of your solar panels matter

When designing your solar system, your installer will consider a number of factors. This includes:

The ideal orientation of solar panels in Australia is north. This might just mean that the optimal placement of solar panels on your roof is on the north side that faces the street. If this is the case for you and your home, there might be options to curtail the need for street-side installation. Let’s explore the options.

Installing panels on other faces of your roof

While north-facing solar panels are the overall optimal orientation for Australian homes, where you live and how you use your solar might mean that a different orientation will serve you best. East-facing panels will benefit people who use most of their electricity in the morning. West-facing solar panels will serve afternoon and evening users better. Dave Franklin decided to go with split-orientated solar panels when planning the roof of his house in Season 6 of Open Homes Australia.

Roof limitations on Dave Franklin's home SunGroup Energy
Solar panel installation solution on Dave Franklin’s home

If your roof has usable space on the east and west then installing solar panels on either or both of these orientations is a feasible option. If shading is likely to be an issue then your solar installer may recommend microinverters for your solar panels. Microinverters allow for your solar system to continue generating solar even when your panels have partial shade cast on them. Energy Matters recommends Enphase microinverters to maximise your solar output.

What can I do if there’s no other option but to install solar on the front of my house?

Solar installers will take all options and factors into consideration when designing your solar panel system. In some cases, the only feasible option for solar is to install panels on the street-facing face of your roof. This could be due to the lack of available usable space on the other faces of your roof, or it might just mean that no other option is viable. In this instance, the aesthetic of the solar panels is paramount. Thankfully, there are many options available for homeowners.

The colour and style of the solar panels

Once upon a time, blue solar panels with silver frames were the only option available. Long gone are the days of ugly panels! There are many black, modern, and sleek panels available that will lend to the street appeal of your home.

SunPower Maxeon Solar Panels on Roof
Source: SunPower via X

REC Alpha Pure and Alpha Pure-RX panels are fully black. These panels not only look fantastic but they perform exceptionally well in Australia’s various climates. LONGi’s Hi-MO X6 panels are available fully black and sport HPBC cell technology. SunPower Maxeon 3 solar panels are all black and feature a 40-year product and power warranty.

Switch to solar tiles

One way to eliminate any possible unsightly view of solar panels is to completely switch them to solar tiles. GoodWe’s Sunshine series offers 84W tiles that can completely replace the need for tiles on the front of your home. Solar tiles are a fantastic solution for homeowners who are looking to embrace solar without compromising on aesthetics. 

GoodWe Sunshine solar tile Home facade
Source: GoodWe

GoodWe recently installed the BIPV solar tiles on a home’s facade. The homeowners opted for a hybrid of regular tiles and solar tiles.

Solar doesn’t need to detract from your home

Not only will solar provide savings on your energy bill but it will also add value to your home. With 1 in 3 Australian homes now sporting solar, no longer does the look of solar detract from your house. New home buyers will now expect a home to feature solar. Modern black panels, and new solar tile technology, all provide fantastic options where shifting your system out of sight is not an option. Whatever the need, there’s a solution available for your home!

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