NSW EV Rebate to Be Phased Out in 2024

NSW EV rebate

Electric vehicles (EVs) are rapidly becoming a cornerstone of sustainable transportation worldwide as governments and communities strive to reduce carbon emissions and combat climate change. New South Wales (NSW), Australia, is no exception to this global trend. The government has recently taken significant steps to accelerate the adoption of NSW EV rebate within the state with a bold initiative known as “Supercharge the Shift.”

The “Supercharge the Shift” initiative, spearheaded by the NSW government under the leadership of Opposition Leader Chris Minns, is a comprehensive plan aimed at driving the transition to electric vehicles. Announced through a media release on the official NSW government website, this initiative outlines a series of strategies and incentives designed to make EVs more accessible and appealing to NSW residents.

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NSW government announces $260 million plan to supercharge shift to EV

The New South Wales Government has announced a $260 million plan to accelerate the state’s uptake of electric vehicles (EVs). The funding will be used to roll out a new NSW EV Strategy, which will focus on expanding essential infrastructure such as fast chargers, particularly in regional NSW and for people living in apartments or without access to home charging.

The strategy will also provide support to motorists to make their next vehicle an EV, such as through education and awareness programs.

The NSW Government is committed to achieving net zero emissions by 2050, and EVs play a vital role in this goal.

Key elements of the NSW EV strategy

  • Expanding essential infrastructure: The NSW Government will invest in fast chargers on commuter routes, more kerbside chargers near apartment blocks, and upgraded grid capacity and charging hubs to support fleets. This will ensure all NSW residents can access convenient and reliable EV charging.
  • Supporting motorists to make the switch: The NSW Government will provide education and awareness programs to help motorists understand the benefits of EVs and how to make the switch. The Government will also explore other support measures, such as financial incentives and tax breaks.
  • Working with industry: The NSW Government will work with industry stakeholders to develop the NSW EV Strategy and to support the rollout of EVs in the state. This includes working with car manufacturers, charging station operators, and other businesses in the EV sector.

Phasing out NSW EV rebate

The NSW Government has also announced that it will cease providing rebates for EV purchases and exemptions for stamp duties on 1 January 2024.

However, transitional arrangements will ensure that those who have purchased or placed a deposit on an eligible EV and are awaiting vehicle delivery will still be eligible for the rebate and exemption.

Victoria and Tasmania: The first states to end its EV rebate

Although more than 2,500 individual refunds were still available then, Victoria was one of the first states to end its EV incentives on June 30, 2023. Originally, the scheme was supposed to last through May 2024. Tasmania also ended its electric and hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle incentives on the same date, 30th June.

NSW EV Road user charge

The NSW Government has also confirmed that it will introduce a Road User Charge for all zero and low-emissions vehicles, including plug-in hybrids, from 1 July 2027 (or earlier, if battery EVs make up 30% of new light vehicle registrations).

The Road User Charge is designed to ensure that all road users contribute to the cost of maintaining and upgrading the road network. The Government has said that the revenue from the Road User Charge will be used to invest in roads, public transport, and other infrastructure.

NSW EV charger

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Quotes attributable to:

Minister for Energy and Climate Change Penny Sharpe

“Increasing the number of electric vehicles on our roads is an essential step to NSW getting to Net Zero emissions.

“To facilitate EV uptake, the NSW Government will increase funding to essential infrastructure.

“Whether it is in apartment buildings, commuter car parks or kerbside, we are committed to ensuring the infrastructure is in place to get electric vehicle drivers from A to B.”


NSW Treasurer Daniel Mookhey

“It’s important the scarce taxpayer dollars we have to transition to electric vehicles are being well spent.

“The benefits of government spending shouldn’t be concentrated in the hands of the few, we must ensure it’s spread across the whole state.

“Savings gained from cutting these costly exemptions and rebates will be reinvested, where it is needed, to deliver a more equitable and efficient EV rollout.” 


Source: NSW Government Media Release 16 September 2023

As EV become more accessible and affordable

The “Supercharge the Shift” initiative in NSW represents a bold and forward-thinking approach to accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles. The NSW government is positioning the state as a leader in sustainable transportation by offering continuous incentives and setting clear targets. The Government will need to continue investing in charging infrastructure, ensuring affordability for all residents, and addressing potential concerns about the environmental impact of EV battery production and disposal to achieve its net zero emissions targets by 2050. As EVs become more accessible and affordable, residents can expect to enjoy cleaner air, lower operating costs, and a more sustainable future.


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