Solar Victoria on Notice to Market 2023–24, Upgraded Solar Inverter and Other Requirements to Mandatory

Solar Victoria notice to market 2023-24

The Solar Victoria Notice to Market 2023-24 is a significant development in the realm of renewable energy. Released by the Victorian Government, this notice serves as a crucial reference point for stakeholders in the solar industry. It outlines various benefits and new and updated requirements for participants. This article will delve into the details of the Notice to Market 2023-24, highlighting its advantages and key updates.

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Requirements were made mandatory

This includes upgraded requirements that have transitioned from being mere recommendations to mandatory obligations:

Solar PV inverters

Solar PV inverters must now comply with both IEEE 2030.5-2018 and Common Smart Inverter Profile (CSIP)-AUS standards in order to be eligible for the solar PV rebate streams (refer to section 4.2.1). This mandatory requirement will take effect from 1st March 2024.

To be eligible for a solar panel (PV) rebate under the Solar Homes and Solar for Business programs, consumers must choose from the Solar Victoria inverters product lists such as Enphase IQ7, Fimer PVS&UNO, Fronius Primo&Symo and GoodWe SMT series&XS.

Smoke alarms in the vicinity of energy storage systems (ESS)

The installation of smoke alarms in the same room as an energy storage system (ESS) has become mandatory when the ESS is installed under the same roof or on a roof attached to the residence. It is highly recommended that the smoke alarm be hardwired and interconnected with other smoke alarms in residence or have an alternative secondary alert system within the residence. This requirement applies to the battery rebate stream (refer to section 5.2.1).

New mandatory requirements

Heat pumps

Timers will be required for heat pumps that utilise hot water under the hot water rebate stream (refer to section 6.2.1). This change will be effective starting from March 1, 2024.

Solar PV and battery rebates

For solar PV rebates (refer to section 4.1.1) and battery rebates (refer to section 5.1.1), retailers must be signatories to the New Energy Tech Consumer Code.

New recommendations

To allow ample preparation time for the industry, Solar Victoria will introduce recommendations in advance of making them mandatory. These new recommendations cover various areas, including:

  • Ensuring hot water heat pumps are suitable for the local climate, as part of the hot water rebate program (refer to section 6.1.2).
  • Establishing power quality response region settings for inverters in the solar PV rebate program (refer to section 4.2.2) and the battery rebate program (refer to section 5.2.2).
  • Ensuring hot water heat pumps are appropriately sized systems within the hot water rebate program (refer to section 6.1.2).
heat pump

The Notice to Market 2023-24 provides a comprehensive framework for the solar industry in Victoria, offering numerous benefits and updated requirements. It fosters certainty, encourages investment, and promotes sustainable growth in the sector. By complying with the updated guidelines and technical specifications, solar project participants can contribute to a cleaner energy future while reaping the benefits of a thriving solar market. To explore the complete overview of the Notice to Market 2023-24, refer to the official document available here.

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Benefits of Notice to Market 2023-24

The Notice to Market 2023-24 in Victoria introduces clear guidelines and objectives that provide certainty and transparency to the solar market. This initiative enhances investor confidence, promotes long-term growth, and identifies new opportunities for solar projects, stimulating economic development and job creation. Emphasising grid integration, the framework encourages the adoption of smart grid technologies, energy storage solutions, and advanced monitoring systems, ensuring efficient power delivery. Streamlined administrative processes simplify project registration, connection approvals, and metering arrangements, saving participants’ time. 

Additionally, the notice emphasises enhanced compliance and quality standards to protect consumers and uphold the industry’s reputation. Overall, the Notice to Market 2023-24 improves the solar market in Victoria by boosting investor confidence, encouraging growth, and ensuring optimal performance and consumer protection.

About Notice to Market

The purpose of this Notice to Market is to present the industry with a comprehensive outline of the regulations and anticipated obligations regarding involvement in the Solar Homes and Solar for Business initiatives starting from July 1, 2023.

Adherence to the stipulations outlined in this Notice to Market, in conjunction with Solar Victoria’s terms and conditions applicable to retailers, installers, and other relevant personnel, is essential for participation in the Solar Homes and Solar for Business programs.

In order to be eligible for rebates on solar PV, solar batteries, and energy-efficient hot water systems, retailers, installers, and other individuals involved must fully comply with the requirements specified in this notice.

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