Tesla Powerwall Arriving In Australia Soon

Tesla Powerwall battery


UPDATE : December 24, 2015 – Tesla Powerwall pre-ordering now available via Energy Matters.


Australia will be one of the first markets where the revolutionary Tesla Powerwall home battery system will be available.

In exciting news for Australian solar power system owners wanting to further distance themselves from mains electricity or abandon the grid altogether, Tesla announced yesterday Australia and North America would be among the first markets to receive the batteries.

The first Tesla Powerwall 7 kWh  units may arrive on our shores late this year; heralding the real start of Australia’s residential energy storage revolution.

“The 7kWh daily cycling Powerwall is a compelling option for Australian residential solar users,” said Tesla in a statement announcing availability.

Described as “beautifully functional” by Tesla, Powerwall is a wall mounted, rechargeable lithium ion battery with liquid thermal control and incorporates a battery management system with smart DC-DC converter for controlling the flow of electricity.

Powerwall offers a 92% round-trip DC efficiency, 5.8 amp nominal, 8.6 amp peak output and 3.3kW continuous/peak power. Multiple 7kWh batteries can be installed, with up 63 kWh capacity total possible. A single unit weighs 100 kg and measures 1300 mm x 860 mm x 180 mm.

Tesla Powerwall Home Battery System

“Powerwall’s lithium ion battery inherits Tesla’s proven automotive battery technology to power your home safely and economically. Completely automated, it installs easily and requires no maintenance,” says Tesla.

SunEdison Australia, Energy Matters’ parent company, says it intends offering Powerwall  and advanced storage solutions from other leading manufacturers including Enphase Energy and Fronius as they become available.  Those interested in residential battery systems can register for pre-release announcements from Energy Matters by clicking here.

Given the comparatively high cost of electricity in Australia and solar feed in tariff rates, Bloomberg New Energy Finance forecasts 33GW of battery storage will be installed in Australia by 2040.


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