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SunPower 300 Watts Grid Connect Solar Panel


The SunPower 300 Solar Panel provides todayÆs highest efficiency and performance. Utilising 96 SunPower all back-contact solar cells, the SunPower 300 delivers a total panel conversion efficiency of 18.4%.


The 300 panelÆs reduced voltage-temperature coefficient and exceptional low-light performance attributes provide outstanding energy delivery per peak power watt


SunPower designs, manufactures and delivers high-performance solar electric technology worldwide. SunPower high-efficiency solar cells generate up to 50 percent more power than conventional solar cells. High-performance solar panels, roof tiles and trackers deliver significantly more energy than competing systems.




Highest Efficiency
Panel efficiency of18.4% is higher than any commercially available panel of similar size.


More Power
SunPower 230 delivers up to 50% more power per unit area than conventional solar panels and 100% more than thin film solar panels.


Reduced Installation Cost
More power per panel means fewer panels per install. This saves both time and money.



  • 10 year limited product warranty
  • 25 year limited power warranty


Technical Specifications


Electrical Data
Measured at Standard Test Conditions (STC): Irradiance 1000W/m?, AM1.5,and cell temperature 25?C
Nominal Power (+5/-3%) Pnom 300W
Rated Voltage Vmpp 54.7 V
Rated Current Impp5.49 A
Open Current Voc 64.0 V
Short Circuit Current Isc5.87 A
Maximum System Voltage IEC1000 V
Temperature Coefficients
Voltage(Voc)-176.6mV /K
Current (Isc)3.5mA / K
NOCT 45? C+/-2?C
Series Fuse Rating 15 A
Limiting Reverse Current(3-strings) IR14.7 A

Electrical Data
Measured at Nominal Operating Cell Temperature (NOCT): Irradiance 800W/m2, AM 1.5
Nominal Power Pnom 242W
Rated Voltage Vmpp 55.2 V
Rated Current Impp4.39A
Open Circuit Voltage Voc64.3 V
Short Circuit Current Isc4.71 A

Tested Operating Conditions
Temperature -40? Cto +85? C
Max load 245 kg/m2 (2400 Pa) front and back - e.g. wind
Impact Resistance Hail û25 mm at 23 m/s

Mechanical Data
Solar Cells 96 SunPower all-back contact monocrystalline
Front Glass high transmission tempered glass
Junction Box IP-65 rated with3 bypass diodes 32 x155 x128 (mm)
Output Cables 1000mm length cables/Multi Contact(MC4)connectors
Frame Anodised aluminium alloy type 6063
Weight 18.6kg


Quality and Safety


  • IEC 61215 , Safety tested IEC 61730


Downloads and Manuals



  • Model: SPR-300W
  • Shipping Weight: 19kg
  • Manufacturer:
    SunPower Corporation