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Open Homes Australia
Open Homes Australia

Open Homes Australia

Season 6 of Open Homes Australia begins on Saturday the 18th of March, and what an exciting season it is shaping up to be!

You can catch it at 4:30pm on 9Life every Saturday, with encores on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, plus you can catch up via the 9Now app!

For those intrigued by sustainable living and the integration of solar solutions, exploring avenues for eco-friendly practices seamlessly aligns with the themes explored on Open Homes Australia. For tailored insights into incorporating solar energy into your home, consulting with experts like Energy Matters can provide valuable perspectives, ensuring a harmonious blend of aesthetics and sustainability. Get your FREE solar quotes now.

This season will continue the fantastic tradition of showcasing incredible Australian homes, breathtaking designs, and sustainable choices that will be sure to inspire and awe you!

Open Homes Australia features some of Australia’s most recognisable designers and creatives. You’ll recognise many from your favourite seasons of The Block and Renovate or Rebuild.

Some of Energy Matters’ incredible solar partners will be featured in season 6 – bringing you ideas, inspiration, and information to help make the switch to solar an easy one!

Keep your eyes peeled for our own CEO – the one and only Roshan Ramnarain!

On the next episode of Open Homes Australia...

Featured Solar Partners & Retailers

Do you want your house to feature the same technology seen on Open Homes Australia?

Our featured solar partners can provide your home the same solar and renewable energy technology as the incredible houses on Open Homes Australia.

Our solar partners have everything from solar PV systems to EV chargers and battery storage to energy monitoring! Complete the form and get up to 3 free quotes!


Road to ZERO, Energy Matters’ podcast that features industry insiders and celebrities that bring you renewable news, features a number of interviews with the cast, crew, and featured installers/retailers from Open Homes Australia.

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