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Power Prices Impacting Aussies At Xmas

December 18, 2012

According to research by Energy Matters, 38% of Australians said they will have a much leaner Christmas this year due to escalating electricity prices. Read more.

Energy Matters Partners With Juno Energy

December 11, 2012

Energy Matters has teamed up with Byron Bay’s Juno Energy to provide commercial customers and households in that region with expert solar installation services. Read more.

Solar Claus Arrives At Borgnis Street

December 6, 2012

Australia’s most famous street for Christmas lights is now greener, thanks to solar power systems supplied by Energy Matters. Read more.

Bonus Warranty Period On Power-One Inverters

December 4, 2012

Customers purchasing solar panel systems from Energy Matters based on Power One inverters  will receive a bonus 5 years warranty on the inverter; taking total coverage to a decade. Read more.

Energy Matters Unveils SolarEdge Range

December 3, 2012

SolarEdge inverters and Power Optimizers are now in stock at Energy Matters; offering home owners increased flexibility and energy harvesting from their rooftops. Read more.

Solar Mounting System Horror Story

November 29, 2012

A solar panel array mounting system may not get the attention of other components of a solar power system, but buy the wrong type or install it incorrectly and the results can be disastrous says Energy Matters. Read more.

Repower Your Business – Perth Seminar

November 23, 2012

Energy Matters’ commercial solar power division will be running two half day seminars next (Wednesday 28 November) in Perth in partnership with  Western Power and the Alternative Technologies Association. Read more.

Solar Rush Stretching Panel Supplies

November 23, 2012

The rush on solar power systems to beat the subsidy cut deadline could see some installers running short of system components; a problem that Energy Matters says it won’t be faced with – the company already has additional solar panels making their way to Australia. Read more.

The Solar Stampede And Shonky Operators

November 21, 2012

Those rushing to have solar panel system installed before the Solar Credits axe falls need to carry out due diligence says Energy Matters. Read more.

Commercial Solar – Caveat Emptor

November 15, 2012

Old wisdom applies to new technology too; including solar power. Solar scams appear to be spreading from targeting households to commercial-scale customers according to Energy Matters’ commercial team. Read more.

SunLock Grabs 6% Of Australian Solar Market

November 13, 2012

Australian made and designed SunLock solar panel mounting systems, produced by Energy Matters’ sister company Apollo Energy, achieved over 6% market share during the last financial year. Read more.

Jeremy Rich Nominee For Clean Energy Council Roles

November 12, 2012

Energy Matters CEO Jeremy Rich is in the running for roles on the Board of Australia’s Clean Energy Council (CEC) and also its Solar PV Leadership Committee. Read more.

Energy Matters Partners With The Energy Savings Social Club

November 12, 2012

Members of The Energy Savings Social Club receive a free advice on energy efficiency, a monthly newsletter, are invited to free get-together events and are eligible for special energy-related offers through the club’s partners; which now include Energy Matters. Read more.

Energy Matters Power Monitor Pilot

November 8, 2012

A new device launched by Energy Matters will assist Australian solar households in monitoring their solar arrays and to take more control over their power consumption and costs. Read more.

Cheap Electricity For Households And Business

October 3, 2012

Electricity costing just a few cents per kilowatt hour doesn’t have to be a thing of the past says Energy Matters. Read more.

The Big Strawberry Goes Solar

September 26, 2012

The Big Strawberry celebrated the installation of its new solar power system on Sunday with the help of the local community, Moira Shire Councillor Garry Jones and national solar solutions provider Energy Matters. Read more.

Energy Matters Major Sponsor Of Sustainable House Day

September 4, 2012

Sustainable House Day gives people an opportunity to look through houses that have been designed, built or renovated with sustainability in mind and talk to their owners. Read more.

Not All Solar Panels Are Equal

July 17, 2012

Energy Matters has released a short video to help consumers in selecting solar modules and to highlight the fact not all solar panels are equal. Read more.

Solar Leasing Agreement A Winner

July 5, 2012

A solar leasing agreement with Energy Matters has been so successful, Ulrich Aluminium is considering expanding the initiative. Commercial solar leasing is expected to become even more popular given recent electricity price rises (SBS news report). More on commercial solar power : More on Ullrich Aluminium solar leasing project.

Queensland Solar Countdown Triggers Rush

July 2, 2012

Energy Matters experienced a massive weekend as Queensland households continue the race to secure a solar power system before the state’s feed in tariff is cut. Read more.

Combet Gets Solar Panel Carbon Abatement Cost (Incredibly) Wrong

July 2, 2012

On Meet The Press on Channel 10 and ABC’s Q&A, Minister for Climate Change and Energy Efficiency Greg Combet claimed the carbon abatement cost of solar panels was “anything up to $400 a ton of greenhouse gas emissions that are reduced.” This figure is gross exaggeration according to Energy Matters. Read more.

Helping Queenslanders Beat Solar Incentives Cut

June 28, 2012

After the Queensland solar feed in tariff bombshell, Energy Matters has swung into action; offering additional assistance to households before the Newman Government’s razor slices the incentive for new applications to the bone. Read more.

Businesses Saving By Going Solar

June 13, 2012

Australian businesses with rooftops suitable for solar panel installations can wipe out their daytime load electricity costs courtesy of the sun according to Energy Matters’ Nick Brass. Read more.

Rooftop Solar Demand Skyrockets

May 11, 2012

Commentary from Energy Matters CEO Jeremy Rich in Giles Parkinson’s article on the popularity of rooftop solar (The Australia). Read more.

Origin Energy’s Contradictions

May 2, 2012

Origin Energy’s reasoning behind wanting changes to Australia’s Renewable Energy Target is questionable says Energy Matters’ Nick Brass. Read more.

Consistency Key To Renewable Energy Uptake

April 23, 2012

Energy Matters CEO Jeremy Rich comments on the state of renewable energy uptake in Australia in an article by The Age’s Adam Cooper  Read more.

Video – Not All Solar Inverters Are Equal

April 10, 2012

Energy Matters has a released a video demonstrating the differences in quality that can be found in inverter brands and their impact on inverter life and efficiency. Read more/view video.

Energy Matters Australia’s First REC Solar Professional

March 29, 2012

REC has launched a certification program including warranty extension for modules installed by suitably qualified REC Solar Professionals. Energy Matters is the first Australian company to gain the accreditation and able to offer the additional product warranty. Read more.

EM To Install Nation’s Largest Rooftop Commercial Solar Farm

March 19, 2012

Energy Matters to install what will be Australia’s largest privately-owned rooftop solar panel system for NEXTDC at its Port Melbourne data centre. Read more.

Energy Matters  CEO On Solar PV Leadership Committee

February 22, 2012

The results of the Clean Energy Council’s (CEC) Solar PV Elections have been announced and Energy Matters’ CEO Jeremy Rich is among the members who will form the organisation’s Solar PV Leadership Committee. Read more.

Energy Matters  At Greening For Growth Forum 2012

February 2, 2012

Energy Matters representatives will be attending Greening for Growth Forum 2012, an opportunity for small business owners to learn about products and services that can help save money by reducing power and water usage. Read more.

Blinkered Solar Studies

January 2, 2012

After further recent Australian studies criticising the cost of solar power were released, Energy Matters CEO Jeremy Rich again pointed out analyses continue to base findings on old data and fail to factor in all the benefits of the technology. Read more.

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