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Using data from weather station #
Average solar irradiation: kW per m2 per day
Your energy consumption: kWh per year
Your greenhouse gas emissions: kg of greenhouse gas per year []




Below are details for different sized system options, costs and performance based on your electricity consumption and geographical location



kW grid connected solar power system

Solar Electric Grid System Output


Annual Output of a kW grid connected solar power system by month.


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System specifications grid connect solar inverter
x 260W solar panels
Warranty on Solar Panels 25 years
System annual output ^
  • MWh per year
  • MWh over warranty period
  • MWh over solar panel expected lifetime
Greenhouse gas emission reduction []
  • kg per year
  • kg over warranty period
  • kg over solar panel expected lifetime
Expected annual energy production after install kWh per year
Expected annual energy
consumption after install
kWh per year
Energy consumption reduction %
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Government rebate(s) available Solar Credits
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# Data Source: NASA (using ground and satellite climate data)


* Approximate price for installation within 100km of all Australian Capital cities (not including NT)


^ Assumes north facing roof. This data relates to the performance of solar power systems in optimum conditions. The actual performance of a solar power system will vary from the optimum performance described in this data. This is because optimum conditions do not take into account variables such as the layout and design of the premises, the position and orientation of the solar power system and prevailing weather conditions. Please read our Data Disclaimer.


[] Greenhouse gas emissions based on coal power production in Victoria


NOTE: Information above is based on your inputs and is a a guide as to the renewable energy equipment required. Please consult an Energy Matters representative for more detailed information.