You can buffer against electricity price rises and exercise greater control over your mains electricity use with one of these solar panel systems featuring Tesla Powerwall 2 or SonnenBatterie Eco 8.2 batteries! We’re also offering free blackout protection with these units for a limited time!

Solar Panels And Batteries : ACT

Canberra Solar + Storage Specials!
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Solar Panels And Batteries : Canberra

These Solar Power System Packages Include:

5.3kW Solar + Tesla Powerwall 2 Package:

  • 20 High Efficiency 265W JA Solar Panels
  • 13.2kWh Tesla Powerwall 2 Battery System
  • BONUS – Tesla Backup Box Upgrade*
  • SMA 5kW German-Designed Solar Inverter – NEW MODEL!
  • Australian Designed & Made SunLock Mounting System
  • Professional, CEC Accredited Installation
  • Wifi Monitoring & Site Requirements Apply
  • Zero Deposit Payment Plan Option*

5.3kW Solar + SonnenBatterie Eco Package:

  • 20 High Efficiency 265W JA Solar Panels
  • 6kWh German-Made SonnenBatterie Eco 8.2 Battery
  • BONUS – Sonnen Protect Upgrade*
  • SMA 5kW German-Designed Solar Inverter – NEW MODEL!
  • Australian Designed & Made SunLock Mounting System
  • Professional, CEC Accredited Installation
  • Wifi Monitoring & Site Requirements Apply
  • Zero Deposit Payment Plan Option*

5.30kW Solar + Battery System:

Estimated annual electricity savings [1]:

  • Solar + Tesla Powerwall System: $1,156 – $1,474 a year
  • Solar + SonnenBatterie Eco System: $1,156 – $1,474 a year
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System warranty and guarantee - ACT
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Energy Matters ACT Solar Guarantee

While we only ever use quality components in all our solar power system packages and only allow trained and accredited professionals to install our solar panel systems; you can rest assured in the knowledge that if a situation occurs, our guarantee program will protect your purchase and investment for many years. We also include a unique system performance guarantee on selected systems!

ACT - Solar Power Systems and Guarantee

Component summary

JA Solar modules offer high conversion efficiency, high reliability and high power output – and at a very low price; accompanied by a rock-solid warranty. JA Solar was named of the world’s most bankable module brands by Bloomberg New Energy Finance. Read more about JA Solar panels.

Canberra - JA Solar panels

Tesla Powerwall is probably the most talked about and anticipated battery system ever – and Powerwall 2 AC builds on this revolutionary system. This compact battery enables you to store 13.2 kWh of your valuable solar electricity for use during the evenings and in unfavourable solar electricity generation conditions.

Our parent company is a Tesla Powerwall Certified Installer. You can expect the very best Powerwall 2 installation and support from us. Blackout Protection Feature Included FREE! Read more about Tesla Energy Powerwall 2.

Canberra - Tesla Powerwall 2 Battery

The sonnenBatterie Eco is a next generation residential battery system with some amazing features and an incredible warranty – 10,000 cycles! This German-made system is made by Europe’s leading home battery manufacturer, Sonnen, and features sonnenAp for keeping tabs on battery performance. Energy Matters offers the latest Eco model (8.2) – some systems currently being sold in Australia feature earlier versions. Discover more about sonnenBatterie Eco.

Canberra - Sonnen Battery System

NEW! The sonnenBatterie Protect 1300 is a small device that works with your sonnen battery system. When a blackout is detected, you’re quickly switched to battery power. With this device, your house could be the only one on your street with lights still on during a blackout! Discover more about sonnenBatterie Protect 1300.

SMA is synonymous with quality solar inverters. Multi-award winning SMA has been setting the standard for efficient, reliable and robust solar products over the last 35 years. Read more about SMA solar inverters.

Canberra - SMA Solar Inverter

Other configurations also available at deep discounts – call us for details

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Take advantage of A.C.T’s feed in tariff

Solar households in Canberra and the A.C.T are also rewarded through any surplus electricity generated being purchased by ActewAGL Retail at 6c per kilowatt hour.

[1] Estimated Canberra and A.C.T electricity bill savings estimate above based on 17.5c per kilowatt hour electricity price and 6.1c feed in tariff with 70% to 100% consumption of

Solar made simple

Going solar shouldn’t be a frustrating experience and it’s our goal to ensure it isn’t for you! Energy Matters will not only tailor the optimal system for your current circumstances, but be there for you throughout the entire process – and beyond! Call our team for a no-obligation chat on 133-SUN (133 786) .

Upgrade options also available – call for details!

Additional notes, terms and conditions

Terms and conditions associated with this Canberra and ACT offer can be viewed here.

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