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December 12, 2012 – Episode 77

Virginia reports on Australia’s famous Christmas lights street going solar, cucumbers grown with solar power and sea water, the launch of the Australian Solar Hall of Fame and the ELF – a solar/pedal hybrid vehicle.

November 21 2012 – Episode 76

Virginia reports on power supplies threatened for 500,000+ NSW homes, SMA
to be used in Japan’s biggest solar farm, City Of Sydney endorses locally produced energy and electricity for just 5c a kilowatt hour.

October 10 2012 – Episode 75

Virginia reports on power supplies threatened for 500,000+ NSW homes, SMA
to be used in Japan’s biggest solar farm, City Of Sydney endorses locally produced energy and electricity for just 5c a kilowatt hour.

September 26 2012 – Episode 74

Virginia reports on more solar myths busted, the Solar Credits subsidy threatened by big business and the importance of stable renewable energy policy for Australia.

September 5 2012 – Episode 73

Virginia reports on the Victorian Government’s slashing of the state’s solar feed in
, Energy Matters a major sponsor of Sustainable House Day and Australia’s energy consumption increases 3 percent.

August 22 2012 – Episode 72

Virginia reports on Australia’s Renewable Energy Target under review, Australia leading the world in home solar installations in 2011, the solar powered toilet, coal costing Australians big bucks and NSW regional residents hit with 154% electricity price increases over the last 7 years.

August 8 2012 – Episode 71

Virginia reports on solar to the rescue during India’s massive blackout, solar to be cheaper than brown coal by 2030, the Australian Solar Institute providing funding for research into solar solutions for rural areas and the Saphonian – a wind turbine without blades.

July 11 2012 – Episode 70

This week, Virginia reports on Perth Zoo going solar, solar staving off electricity infrastructure expenditure, renewables the key to a low carbon future and the water footprint of coal

June 27 2012 – Episode 69

Virginia reports on the shock announcement regarding Queensland’s solar feed in
tariff, GreenPower and the carbon tax, Campbell’s souping up their solar portfolio and the Clean Energy Council (CEC) cautions consumers shopping for solar power

June 13 2012 – Episode 68

Virginia reports on REC enhancing performance of its award-winning Peak Energy
solar panels, one of the tricks and traps to be aware of when buying solar, renewables accounting for half of all new power generation globally and solar panels being developed to work underwater.

May 16 2012 – Episode 67

Virginia reports on REC’s 5 millionth solar panel, Victoria’s Yarra Climate Action Now pursuing a community-owned solar farm and solar soon to be an even better deal for small
in Australia.

May 2 2012 – Episode 66

This week, Virginia reports on Australia’s renewable energy target under threat,
the mining industry still on the subsidy gravy train and the US EPA’s latest top
50 Green Power Partnership rankings.

April 18 2012 – Episode 65

Virginia reports on Australia’s solar rebate rush, major electricity price hikes on the horizon, and Energy Matters attending Tasmania’s Agfest again this year.

April 11 2012 – Episode 64

Virginia reports on Australia’s top solar postcodes, a solar powered reactor for creating hydrogen currently undergoing testing, AGL dumps onsmall-scale solar energy (again) and the development of solar cells thinner than spider silk.

April 4, 2012 – Episode 63

Virginia reports on price wars in Australia’s solar sector, Energy Matters becoming Australia’s first accredited REC Solar Professional, greening solar panel production and Victorian coal fired power stations receiving hundreds of millions of dollars in carbon tax

March 29, 2012 – Episode 62

This week, Virginia reports on Australia’s largest privately funded rooftop solar panel system to be constructed by Energy Matters, a study finding Australia’s electricity
among the highest in the world, the CEC crushes claims made by made by South Australian Opposition Leader Isobel Redmond and US President Barack Obama ridicules the anti solar lobby.

March 14, 2012 – Episode 61

This week, Virginia reports on an Australian designed solar light making a difference in developing countries, a solar power enabled transportable office made from from a shipping container, an NRG and Bill Clinton initiative bringing solar to Haiti and the Seiko
, a solar powered watch with GPS.

February 29, 2012 – Episode 60

Virginia reports on Mars Rover Opportunity’s solar panels covered in dust but still delivering power, Lucy Lawless; the actress who played Xena in Xena: Warrior Princess, arrested after participating in Greenpeace action, BP bails on Moree Solar Farm and a new solar farm for Mars Chocolate North America..

February 22, 2012 – Episode 59

Virginia reports on Melbourne’s “Little Audrey” now skipping on the power of the sun, plans by South Australia’s largest electricity retailer to again increase electricity
, the launch of Australia’s Clean Technology Investment Programs and a campaign to stop the burning of Australia’s native forests being recognised as renewable energy.

February 15, 2012 – Episode 58

Virginia reports on one million renewable energy jobs in Europe, Queensland shooting for 9000 gigawatt hours of renewable energy generation, new Australian Government energy efficiency programs launched and NASA awards a solar electric propulsion system contract.

February 9, 2012 – Episode 57

Virginia reports on  Senator Christine Milne’s criticism of Energy Minister Martin Ferguson’s handling of Solar Flagships, a $1.3 million solar power system for Hervey Bay Hospital, a 189 megawatt wind farm for Victoria and Intel the USA’s biggest purchaser of green

February 1, 2012 – Episode 56

Virginia reports on South Australian solar households to be paid more for the surplus electricity they generate, a solar powered flood monitoring system that helped kept Queenslanders safe during recent flooding, a proposed 200MW solar updraft tower for Western Australia and REC solar panels trump an extensive field test.

January 25, 2012 – Episode 55

Virginia reports on the final round of solar schools grant applications opening soon,
solar reaching parity with fossil fuels in MENA nations, solar panel recycling to be a multi-billion dollar industry and two new solar farms that will continue producing electricity after dark.

January 18, 2012 – Episode 54

Virginia reports on South Australians being slugged hard on utility bills, construction of the Mildura Solar Farm, Victoria’s solar feed in tariff review announced and air conditioning’s impact on peak power loads.

January 11, 2012 – Episode 53

Virginia covers the SolarKindle, the power of buying solar in groups, electricity prices in Victoria jump again and what commercial enterprises can do to combat electricity cost increases resulting from Australia’s carbon tax and other price hikes.

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