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Install Solar Panels in Maningrida, NT 0822

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Maningrida, NT

Maningrida in Northern Territory (NT) is an Aboriginal community in the Arnhem Land region. It is one of the biggest remote towns in NT, with a population of over 2,000. 

Around four per cent of households here have rooftop solar panels, making the most out of the six hours of peak sun it gets per day. Maningrida is also home to a large solar farm which was established via Solar Energy Transformation Program (SETuP).

Total Installed Solar PV Systems in Maningrida*


Total Installed Capacity in Maningrida (kW)*


*As of August 2022

Average solar production in Maningrida, NT

The following data shows the average daily solar PV production by month in Maningrida, NT by a solar PV system. The data is based on a 6kW solar PV system in kilowatt-hours (kWh) rounded to the nearest whole number.

Compare solar panels in Maningrida

The first step in switching to solar is to find the right solar installer in Maningrida. With a growing number of homeowners switching to solar, there is also an increase in solar installers. That said, you won’t have a hard time finding one—the challenge is to find the right one that will suit your needs. 

The right solar installer in Maningrida, NT will consider your energy needs, personal preference, and budget. However, most solar installers in the Northern Territory have a preferred solar panel manufacturer. So, if you have a brand in mind, it’s best to take the time to compare solar installers first. 

Energy Matters recommends you choose Tier 1 solar panel manufacturers. Why? They are financially stable, which makes them highly likely to honour their warranties. In addition, they are known to produce higher-quality solar panels for rooftop installation. 

You can check out Bloomberg’s Energy Finance Tier 1 PV Module Manufacturer list, which is released every year. 

Also, to help you with your search, Energy Matters has established solid partnerships with trusted and reliable solar panel manufacturers. They are: 


Start your solar journey here with us by getting up to 3 FREE, no-obligation quotes. We have a large network of trusted, local installers to provide you with personalised quotes for a solar system to meet your current and future needs. 

For most homes in NT, the average solar system size is 6.6 kW of PV panels with a 5kW inverter. You can install up to 33 per cent more panels than the inverter is rated at. 

We recommend you size up where possible to prepare for further electrification that will impact your future energy needs. It’s also practical when you have plans to purchase a solar battery or an electric vehicle in Maningrida, NT. 

Solar rebates and incentives in Maningrida, NT

Homeowners who have rooftop solar panels can reap the benefits from solar rebates and incentives in the Northern Territory. 

Home & Business Battery Scheme (HBBS)

The NT Government provides the HBBS  wherein households and businesses can get a $6,000 gran when they buy and install solar panels with eligible batteries and inverters. 

For those who already have solar batteries and inverters, they can also benefit from HBBS. However, the battery storage unit must be at least 7kWh in size.

Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs)

STCs are tradeable for cash that is then deducted from the over cost of your solar system in Maningrida. The number of STCs you get will vary based on the size and location of your solar system. 

Feed-in Tariffs (FiTs)

FiTs are provided by your energy retailer, and you can get them when you send excess energy back into the grid. To get the highest FiTs as possible, take the time to compare energy retailers

The right solar system in Maningrida

Here are important factors to consider to ensure you get the right solar system in Maningrida: 

  • Roof condition: It’s important to ensure your roof is in excellent condition before you install rooftop solar panels in Maningrida. Hiring a professional roof inspector is a great idea. 
  • Roof angle: The roof should be tilted at the same angle as the latitude of your home’s location.
  • Energy consumption: To know the number of solar panels you need for your Maningrida home, it is helpful to look into previous energy bills to get a general idea of your average monthly consumption.
  • Surrounding shade: Trees on your property or in your neighbour’s yard can affect the efficiency of your solar panels. We suggest trimming your trees down. Your solar installer in Maningrida will also design a solar system that will maximise your roof space. 


We recommend seeking at least 3 solar quotes to ensure that you are getting the best deal and a solar installer whom you can trust. Energy Matters has done most of the hard work for you! We have a nationwide network of trusted, local installers who are ready to contact you and provide a quote. Get up to 3 FREE quotes via our solar quote service.

Do you need a solar storage battery in Maningrida?

A solar battery in Maningrida will allow you to store excess energy generated by your solar panels. With this, you get enough power throughout the night or on cloudy days. Here are the other benefits when you have a solar battery in Maningrida: 

  • Energy independence: You can reduce your dependency on the grid and avoid rising energy costs when you have a solar battery in Maningrida. In fact, it can even make your home fully self-sufficient.
  • Blackout protection: Blackouts rarely happen in Maningrida, and there’s nothing wrong with being prepared. A solar battery, like the Tesla Powerwall, will ensure you have power during blackouts.
  • Cost savings: Participating in a Virtual Power Plant (VPP) can help you save even more when you gain credits for sharing the power stored by your home solar battery back into the grid. 

Electric Vehicles (EVs) in Maningrida

Northern Territory’s EV strategy and implementation plan were released last year. The plan will incentivise the purchase of new and used EVs through free registration and reduced stamp duty for five years as of July 2022. 

The new plan will also see an expansion of EVs within government and agency fleets and an expansion of charging infrastructure, among others. By 2030, the NT Government fleet will have 200 EVs at a rate of 20 additional vehicles yearly.

Additionally, residents in smaller centres will benefit from a grants program.

Switching to an EV in Manindriga is an excellent idea, and you get more benefits like the ones listed below: 

  • Lower costs: Running and maintaining an EV are more affordable.
  • Help meet the country’s emissions target: Australia aims to reach net zero by 2050, and you can help by switching to an EV. 
  • More economic opportunities: Australia is the biggest exporter of lithium in the world, and EV batteries are primarily made of lithium. When you have an EV, you can help maintain the lithium industry. 

Are you ready to make your next car an EV? Book a test drive today!

The return on investment on Maningrida solar panels

For a mid-range home in Manindriga, the return on investment for your solar panels can take two to six years. Of course, this will still depend on your consumption and usage pattern. Think of it this way—the more you consume solar, the more you get to save on your energy bills.

Can’t afford to switch right Now?

If you don’t have the finances for solar right now, don’t let that stop you! Solar is an excellent investment. Many of our trusted solar installers now offer $0 upfront interest-free loans where you can pay off your system in small monthly instalments. You only need to request an obligation-free quote and find out what payment plan options are available.