As part of Energy Freedom, you already know what an important climate solution rooftop solar is. Here’s your chance to take further action at your home or business with this solar energy special offer!

solar energy special offer
View our specials or get an instant online quote and when discussing your chosen solar solution with our team, mention you’re a part of Energy Freedom and receive an extra $150 off!

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Home and business solar energy special offer

In sun-drenched Australia, solar energy is one of the cleanest, greenest and most viable forms of renewable energy available to help run your home or enterprise.

Powering a house or business on solar energy is easier and cheaper than you might think.

More Australian households are taking advantage of remaining government incentives to make the switch to solar power as their main source of electricity. In doing so, they realise more than just the sensible economic, environmental and practical benefits of powering their homes with free energy from the sun. By investing in renewable energy, Australians are committing to better awareness about climate change, creating jobs, inspiring others to strive for a greener community and helping to preserve the environment for our future.

View our specials, get an instant online quote, call us on 1800 EMATTERS (1800 362 883) or contact us via the form below. Remember to mention you’re part of Energy Freedom to claim your additional $150 discount.

About Energy Matters

Our primary goal is to provide flexible, affordable solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of each of our customers, regardless of where they live. We combine a  straightforward approach with only top quality components, precision installation and support. Most of our systems take less than a day to install and require little in ongoing maintenance.

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We’re an award-winning company and our team of accredited technicians have successfully installed thousands of solar power systems in rural and urban properties right across Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific.

We’re looking forward to helping you make the switch to solar power. View our specials or get an instant online solar quote. When discussing your chosen solar solution with our team, remember to mention you’re a part of Energy Freedom and receive an extra $150 off! Call us today on 1800 EMATTERS (1800 362 883) or contact us via the form below.


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