aleo is the German solar panel manufacturer trusted to power the Australian Casey Research Station in Antarctica.

Aleo solar panels have been known to endure and perform under the toughest conditions on earth. And how tougher can it be from installing solar panels at the coldest and windiest continent on earth, Antarctica?

Location: Casey Station, Antarctica – 66° 16′ 55″ S, 110° 31′ 39″ E (−66.2818, 110.5276).

Some of the world’s most extreme weather conditions in Antarctica put manmade constructions & technology to the test. Blizzards produced by low pressure systems strike with little warning and wind gusts well over 250km/h have been recorded. Temperature extremes recorded at the Casey Research Station range from +9 C to -41 C, being among the most challenging on earth.

The hours of daylight experienced at Casey vary significantly throughout the year. In January the sun stays above the horizon almost continuously, while in June the sun appears for less than an hour each day.

The fact that aleo solar panels were selected to be installed at the Australian Casey Research Station in March 2019, is proof that when top quality is pinnacle and reliability necessary, only the best will do.

aleo solar panels are made to last; that is why standard aleo modules were installed in the continent with the worst weather conditions on earth. Antarctica. The same ones available to you.

About aleo solar:

aleo solar GmbH is recognized as one of the most trustworthy manufacturers of solar panels in the world and since 2014 is part of SAS (Sino American Silicon Products Inc.), a leader in solar ingots, wafers and cells.

aleo solar modules are 100% engineered and manufactured in Germany, ensuring the highest quality standards with 25 years Factory Guarantee.


Engineered & Manufactured in Germany:

  • 100% Engineered and Produced in Germany
  • Universally recognized Made in Germany Quality & Prestige
  • One plant, no OEM elsewhere, 100% Quality Control
  • Zero tolerance to less than perfect products
  • Security for Professionals & Consumers ensuring that the initial investment is the final one
  • Industry Leading Factory Guarantee, 25yrs Product and 25yrs Performance
  • A unique proposal and a privilege to be associated with aleo
  • customers are partners, not a number on a spreadsheet


Industry Leading Warranties:

  • 25yrs Product Guarantee
  • 25yrs Performance Guarantee
  • 100% of the costs related to the replacement of a defective module under guarantee including transport and labor costs



Press Release by the Australian Antarctica Division:


Australian Antarctic Division Director, Mr Kim Ellis, said the system of 105 solar panels, mounted on the northern wall of the ‘green store’, will provide 30 kilowatts of renewable energy into the power grid — about 10 per cent of the station’s total demand over a year.

“This is the first solar power array at an Australian Antarctic research station and amongst the largest in Antarctica,” Mr Ellis said.

“It will reduce Casey station’s reliance on diesel generators for electricity, cutting fuel costs and emissions, as well as boosting the station’s capacity in peak periods.”

The project is a collaboration between the Australian Antarctic Division and Masdar, the Abu Dhabi Future Energy Company, to investigate a range of energy efficiency and energy management options at Australia’s Antarctic stations.

Mohamed Jameel Al Ramahi, Chief Executive Officer of Masdar, said the project was an opportunity to pool energy-efficiency expertise from the hot deserts of the Middle East and the cold desert of Antarctica.

“This project will help to build expertise in, and the performance of, solar systems in cold and remote environments,” Mr Al Ramahi said.

“It will test the durability and suitability of the solar panels to the strong wind and snow load in Antarctica and help us to determine if it is an efficient way of powering a station.”

Masdar sourced the solar panels from Aleo Solar in Germany, while Australian Antarctic Division engineers undertook wind modelling, produced technical drawings, and devised a special mounting system of brackets and rails to fit the corrugated shape of the green store cladding.

Engineering Services Supervisor at Casey, Doreen McCurdy, said her six-person team first installed the brackets and rails to hold the panels flush against the wall.

Then they installed external cable ducting, internal cable trays, a switchboard, and three inverters to convert the variable direct current (DC) into 240V alternating current (AC).

The team faced some challenging conditions with temperatures as low as −7°C and a number of blizzards.

“The cold was a challenge, as the brackets and bolts are small and fiddly and can’t be installed while wearing gloves, so we had to use hand warmers to keep our fingers nimble,” Ms McCurdy said.

“On windy days we had to focus on the internal installation, as the elevated work platform we use outside can’t operate in winds above 15 knots.

“Once all the rails and brackets were in place though, we were able to install about 15 panels a day.”

While the panel installation is unusual in its flush mounting against a wall, it has been designed to strike a balance between maximum solar gain and stability in the wind, as well as ensuring the panels are easy to install, access and maintain.

Read the full article here by the Australian Antarctic Division:

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