Neoen: Construction Started on Western Downs Battery in Australia

Western Downs storage battery

Neoen has begun construction for its 200MW Western Downs Battery in Australia. This will be their fourth big battery in the country, which is expected to begin operation in the summer of 2024-2025. 

According to Louis de Sambucy, the managing director of Neoen Australia, “We are thrilled to be pressing ‘go’ on the Western Downs Battery, building upon our Western Downs solar farm, which is nearing completion.”

Currently, the project is being built in three phases: 

  • Phase 1: Site selection, environmental surveys, public feedback, government approval, and meeting with traditional and local landowners.
  • Phase 2: Contractor selection, finance arrangement, construction preparation, and project building.
  • Phase 3: Operations and maintenance, including environmental monitoring and land management.

Neoen will utilise 72-cell bi-facial solar modules, and the panels will be established on systems that will track the sun in the sky. 

The project is also expected to generate 150 direct jobs on-site during construction and six on-site jobs during the operational stage, which is 20 years. 

Stabilising the Queensland grid

The battery is designed to help stabilise the QLD grid as it can perform important roles, such as providing frequency services and transmission network support. 

electrification in au

It consists of Tesla Megapack systems and will boost the existing infrastructure of the company’s Western Downs Green Power Hub with a 460MW solar farm that is almost finished. 

The battery will be located next to their substation in Western Downs. Powerlink will deliver the connection works. 

It will also come with a grid-forming inverting technology that will provide more stability. 

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The importance of battery storage in Australia’s renewable energy goal

Australia is taking a lead role in energy transition worldwide; the country is indeed on the right path. However, it comes with hurdles along the way. Currently, the ageing grid, and the number of coal power plant closures, prove to be a challenge to the country. 

This is where battery storage solutions come in. The National Electricity Market (NEM) has been making strides in battery storage. 

Battery storage can store energy for an extended period and distribute it when necessary. Aside from Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS), pumped hydro is another common form of energy storage in the country today that is gaining popularity. 

It can support solar photovoltaic (PV) output and integrate other intermittent renewable generation in the grid with battery storage. Therefore, this delivers ancillary services for the grid. Moreover, it is used for peak shaving, where users can charge their battery at night and use the stored power to accommodate their energy demands at peak times. 

The Hornsdale Power Reserve is the global lithium-ion, grid-connected battery storage system. 

On the other hand, the Western Downs solar farm is expected to be operational for over 25 years. 

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