aleo solar panels: The technical advantage of German made, high quality solar modules

aleo solar GmbH is a renowned PV German manufacturer of the highest reputation in the German speaking countries and globally acknowledged as one of the most trustworthy manufacturers in the solar industry.

Germans trust their local craftmanship and quality know-how but that is not as uncommon. What is interesting though is the fact that even though Germans highly value their pennies and are frugal with their investments, they prioritise quality over price.

Even though living in Germany is cheaper than in Australia and purchasing power lower, still the Germans choose to invest in solar energy deciding quality to be the number one deciding factor versus purchase cost.


Unfortunately, this is not the case in Australia, where the market is in its majority price-driven, despite several educated voices calling out the warning signs of potentially hazardous investments. Quality may seem to cost more at first, but this is not true in the long run if compared to cheaper solar panels which simply do not perform as promised making it a poor ROI decision.


So, if the Germans choose aleo, valuing quality and reliability above purchase cost, why shouldn’t not you?

Reasons for choosing aleo solar panel on your roof:

  • Trust and confidence in aleo solar GmbH profitability and constant growth since 2001, ensuring that the company will be there in the future
  • A company with a substantial history, founded by Marius Eriksen, a German pioneer, awarded the Federal Cross of Merit for his voluntary work.
  • Quality of product and technical excellence
  • Safety of investment and security
  • Prestige of 100% German Made
  • No unpredictable expenses for the next 25 years
  • Certifications and tests way beyond industry standards
  • Award winning and top-ranking quality solar panels
  • Highest customer satisfaction and one of the lowest claim rates in the industry
  • Reviewed as one of the best customer care and transparency policy companies
  • Official partner office in Australia to support customers, installers and retailers
  • A pioneer in its core values, as the 1st company in the world to mass produce 60 cells 300W PERC modules

aleo solar modules are tested way beyond what industry standards require:

The Germans put their trust in aleo solar modules not because of the “Made in Germany” quality. They put their trust in aleo because they know the company not only passes all industry standards, but actually tests way beyond the IEC benchmarks requirements.

And here is a visualization:

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