Panasonic: Vehicle-To-Home Power Storage System Electric Vehicles

Panasonic Corporation Electric Works Co., Ltd. has introduced “eneplat” in Japan. This new technology enables households to consume solar-generated electricity by connecting storage batteries with V2H (Vehicle to Home), which distributes electricity stored in electric vehicle batteries to households.

Panasonic will begin accepting orders for the “eneplat” V2H power storage system from February 21, 2023. Furthermore, they will execute a version upgrade of the main device, “AiSEG2”, that connects various home appliances and housing equipment in the home in the summer of 2023.

The new product was on exhibit at the Panasonic Japan booth at “Smart House EXPO” from December 5th to 7th, as well as at the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Planning and Policy Bureau (Tokyo Bay eSG Project) booth at “EcoPro 2022” from December 7th to 9th. Tokyo Big Sight hosted the exhibition. Furthermore, the V2H power storage system “eneplat” for residential usage is planned for installation in detached houses in the Fujisawa Sustainable Smart Town.

AiSEG2 integrates devices across the home and meets users’ expectations for smart home solutions. It contains several useful services, such as remote control of air conditioners and lighting, a notice of deliveries in the delivery locker, and so on, while also assuring safety by monitoring door and window opening/closing activities and checking to see if children have returned home.

Source&Image: Panasonic Group Newsroom- A demonstration unit equipped with doors and window frames was prepared in a development setting to closely examine the state of doors and window frames when AiSEG2 activated control

AiSEG2 uses weather warnings to charge electric vehicles and storage batteries automatically. In the event of a power outage, it secures the remaining electricity. Because of the industry-leading technology, the stand-alone output of 100/200 V can operate 6 kVA, 200 V equipment such as IH cooking heaters and air conditioners even during a power outage. 

Furthermore, AiSEG2 forecasts extra power based on daily power use and the prognosis for the next day’s solar radiation, and it automatically manages the charging and discharging of the storage battery. Introducing AiSEG2 and V2H (electric vehicles) will increase the self-consumption effect from about 50% to about 90%, contributing to a reduction of approximately 1.0 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year from simulation.

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According to the company, the “eneplat” V2H power storage system is the first in the industry to enable simultaneous charging and discharging of electric vehicles and storage batteries. It intends to attain electricity self-sufficiency by making better use of solar power in the home and minimising the amount of power sold and purchased from the grid.

The V2H stand is small enough to fit on a floor space smaller than one air conditioner outdoor unit. It is simple to install, even in a parking lot with limited space, and it can be enlarged later using just outside construction in combination with purchasing an electric vehicle. 

Features of eneplat

Source&Image: Panasonic Group Newsroom

  1. The first simultaneous charging and discharging of electric vehicles and storage batteries in the industry. AiSEG2 cooperation results in increased self-consumption.
  • Electricity flow image
  • Simultaneous charge/discharge operation image
  • AI Solar Charge Plus storage battery control
  • Operation image of AI Solar Charge Plus
  • Introduction effect simulation
  1. Weather alerts and automatic charging of electric vehicles and storage batteries. Self-sustaining output in the event of a power outage Industry high class 6 kVA compatible

When weather warnings are issued, such as heavy rain or a storm, the AiSEG2 immediately orders the electric car and storage battery to charge in tandem with the weather warning. In the event of a power outage, it stores electricity. AiSEG2 halts the automated boiling of Eco Cute in the event of a power interruption.

It eliminates unintentional power consumption from the V2H power storage system eneplat due to warmth, such as when you go to bed at night. During power outages, the industry’s top-class stand-alone output of 100/200 V 6 kVA allows you to utilise 200 V equipment like IH cooking heaters and air conditioners while using devices like TVs and lamps.

AiSEG2 can check the amount of electricity used by storage batteries and electric vehicles during a power outage and display the remaining usable electricity in hours.

  1. Can install A V2H stand with only outdoor work for future electric vehicle life.

It can be installed as a solar power generation or power storage system at the initial installation, and V2H stands can only be expanded through outdoor construction. The V2H stand is small enough to fit on a floor space smaller than one air conditioner outdoor unit.

Furthermore, depending on the electric vehicle to be purchased and the parking position, it can take out the cable to the left or right. Charge/discharge at a maximum of 6 kW after adding more V2H stands. It can charge twice as fast as an outdoor EV outlet, shortening charging time in half. 

  1. Charging control within the main breaker capacity of residential distribution boards, preventing breaker interruption

Suppose you charge an electric vehicle when your home uses a lot of electricity. In that case, it may surpass the main breaker capacity of your home’s distribution board, resulting in a power loss due to the breaker tripping. The breaker current upper limit setting feature regulates the charging power of electric vehicles so that it does not exceed the capacity of your home’s main breaker, preventing the breaker from tripping.

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