The power is in your hands with sonnen’s ground-breaking solar battery

Australia’s energy market is changing but to take full advantage, home owners, renovators and builders need to be plugged into solar. With sophisticated monitoring technology, the latest systems can take advantage of new pricing conditions.

“The middle of the day, not the middle of the night, is becoming the new off-peak period,” says Scott White, Sharpe Energy-Hub’s Renewables/Storage Manager.

“Because South Australia’s rooftop solar often is producing more than is being used at this time, the big retailers are buying it for less and now plan to sell it for less.”

Householders will be able to take advantage of the situation by activating swimming pool pumps, heating, and cooling systems and other appliances – such as dishwashers, during this period.

“The latest monitoring technology is so advanced it can show exactly how much power a kettle uses (around 2kW)”, says Mr White. “This knowledge puts power into your hands.”

Batteries pose huge opportunities for consumers

Battery storage, which attracts generous subsidies at present, is the ultimate way to control energy use. Present subsidies and incentives make the payback figures add up in South Australia better than any other state.

“There are options with the size of battery storage,” says Mr. White. “For example, we can provide the South-Australian-manufactured sonnen system in stages so it can be increased to meet a family’s growing needs.”

Monitoring systems also have other useful benefits. For example, they can reveal if the hot water thermostat is faulty, or if the fridge is not operating at peak efficiency.

How do sonnen batteries provide stability?

Not all that long ago, sonnen introduced manufacturing of home energy storage through the installation of batteries at homes across Australia. Utilising the old Holden factory to produce this form of technology, sonnen marks the first of its kind to the manufacturing sector onshore, presenting plenty of open opportunities for renewable energy.

The company currently works with over 50 component manufacturers nation-wide. Suppliers provide a collection of cabling, sheet metal fabrication, cable management, labels and harness manufacturing.

Initially, the plant also created around 430 new jobs throughout South Australia, providing local and economic support across the board. While the brand still continues to design its concepts in Germany, Australian manufacturing is still a big win on the board for our national renewable energy efforts.

For the future of solar battery storage, companies like sonnen continue to put power into the hands of the Australian homeowners and businesses.

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